4-minute ERM hacks for busy HR professionals

Transform your HR processes with these 4 hacks using Formaloo! Learn how to create onboarding surveys, manage centralized data, enhance collaboration, and generate custom reports. Discover how to improve your Employee Relationship Management (ERM) system efficiently.


Ever feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day? Juggling onboarding, performance reviews, and employee feedback can leave HR professionals overwhelmed. 

And what if you could significantly improve your Employee Relationship Management (ERM) system in just a few minutes?

Effective employee relationship management (ERM) is crucial for any HR department. It provides a centralized system for managing all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding and performance reviews to document storage and compliance. This translates to a more efficient workflow, improved data accuracy, and better decision-making. ERM lets HR professionals focus on strategic initiatives to create a positive employee experience and working environment.

Here are 4 hacks with Formaloo that will make your day at the office more productive and efficient. 

1. Use pre-made survey templates

HR professionals know best how to use the data to their advantage, especially insights gathered from new hires. They need to understand how their employees feel and what's their overall employee satisfaction levels. These and other components in total makeup for a positive company culture, for which every successful company should strive.

The first days are nerve-wracking for everyone and a smooth onboarding makes a great first impression to prepare them for success. However, building that process can feel like a mountain of work when you're already busy.

Here's the good news - you can create an onboarding experience in just a few minutes with Formaloo’s pre-made template. All you have to do is add your company’s personal touch - logo, brand colors, cover picture, and anything else you’d like. 

If you have a unique vision, you can create a survey from scratch easily. You don't need to know how to code. 

It’s like a cheat code, saving you time and effort while making your new hires feel welcome and prepared.

2. Manage everything in one space

HR professionals might often struggle to find employee documents like contracts and performance reviews scattered in different folders and drives. This time-consuming hunt can disrupt your workflow and delay critical processes. Formaloo offers a solution: centralized HR data storage.

Centralized storage provides secure storage for all your employee files. This translates to significant time savings. It also minimizes the risk of losing important data, ensuring everything is readily available and easily analyzable at any time.

To make your space even more efficient for your needs, you can connect your HR management tools with the existing systems you use. This can include Slack, BambooHR, ThriveCart and so much more! 

Regarding data security, which is important to not only HR but all teams, choosing the right software is monumental. It’s best to choose ones that comply to international data protection regulations like Formaloo, which adheres to the guidelines of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is HIPAA compliant

3. Collaboration made-easy

Effective communication is essential to any successful organization, and the human resources department is no exception. Formaloo’s workspace allows the entire department in one space with different access levels for each team member. 

Here’s how it works: 

Once you create a new workspace, you can add all forms, ERMs, surveys, HR portals, and other formaloos to it. Then you can decide who will join you in that workspace and also decide what part of information they’ll be able to access. 

We prioritize data security and empower you with access management systems. Therefore, you can define specific user roles and permissions, restricting access to sensitive information based on individual needs and job functions.

You can determine what information a member can view in the data by assigning them varying levels of access. This can range from viewing only a single row to having full ownership of the entire workspace. This ensures that only authorized personnel can view and manage confidential data.

This is a good choice for remote teams or organizations with various roles. It enables effective teamwork and helps monitor important data closely.

4. Create custom reports 

One common challenge HR professionals face is obtaining clear insights from their data to make informed decisions. 

Formaloo offers customizable reporting to help you create reports tailored to your needs. This allows you to gain insights into key metrics such as employee engagement, turnover rates, and training effectiveness. By tailoring reports to your requirements, you can better understand and address key areas within your organization.

Creating customizable reports with Formaloo involves a few straightforward steps. 

First, gather data through forms, surveys, ERMs, and HR portals, all customized to capture the necessary information. The data is collected and stored in Formaloo's databases. Different forms and data sources can be combined in one place.

You can change reports by selecting specific data and using the filters to refine the information.

You can organize the data to highlight important numbers. These numbers may include employee happiness, turnover, and training success. 

Formaloo also provides tools for visualizing data through charts, graphs, and dashboards, Kanban boards making it easy to see areas of improvement. This process allows HR professionals to generate valuable, tailored reports for informed decision-making.

Start today! 

Now that you have hacks in your hands, try it out yourself! 

Formaloo empowers busy HR professionals to build an efficient and scalable ERM system without the need for coding expertise. You can use pre-made templates and a simple interface to quickly implement these hacks. This will save time for important human resource management projects.

Ready to transform your HR processes? Sign up for a free at Formaloo today and experience the power of a code-free ERM solution.

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4-minute ERM hacks for busy HR professionals