Brand awareness survey questions to ask your customers

Wonder how much your brand resonates with average customers? A Brand Awareness Survey can do the job. Read this blog and learn how to do just that.


When you spot a mix of blue, yellow, green, and red, chances are, Google’s iconic logo pops into your head right away.

How about when a bitten apple catches your eye? Steve Jobs’s technological wonder, Apple, comes to mind, right?

This is called brand awareness. It’s all about how well someone connects a brand with its offerings.

But how can you determine what people think when they see your brand? That’s where a brand awareness survey swoops in to save the day.

So, stick around as we dig into some brand awareness questions you should ask to see if your audience really knows what’s up with your brand.

Understanding brand awareness surveys

Simply put, brand awareness measures how familiar people are with your brand. But it isn’t a simple on/off switch; instead, brand awareness exists on a spectrum with four distinct levels:

1. No Awareness: This is when people don’t have the foggiest idea about your brand. They don’t even know you exist because your brand hasn’t made any impression or impact on their radar yet.

2. Recognition: At this level, people have heard of your brand before, maybe seen your logo in passing, or heard it mentioned by a friend. But they might not remember what you do.

3. Recall: As consumers move through the recognition stage, they progress to brand recall. When they hear a category or keyword related to your brand, they can immediately recall your brand name or specific details. This is a good sign that your marketing is starting to stick.

4. Top of Mind: At this level, you’re the first brand people think of when talking about your industry or when they’re ready to make a purchase decision. This is the ultimate goal of brand awareness – to be at the top of consumers’ minds when they think about a particular product or service category.

A Brand awareness survey pinpoints exactly where you fall on the awareness spectrum. It asks questions to determine if people recognize your brand, remember it when needed, and what they think about it.

The brand awareness questionnaire is targeted to gauge how familiar people are with your brand,  their perception, and even how it compares to your competitors.

You can measure this data with brand awareness KPIs such as reach, social media engagement, web traffic sources, brand sentiment, and share of voice.

Why conduct a brand awareness survey?

Here’s why you should strongly consider conducting brand awareness surveys:

Understand your brand perception

Conducting a brand awareness survey is similar to holding a mirror up to your company’s image. It lets you see how your target audience perceives your brand, including its strengths, weaknesses, and misconceptions.

You might be surprised to learn what resonates most with your audience. A brand questionnaire can uncover aspects of your brand that you weren’t even aware were hitting the mark.

Understand your brand perception

Evaluate your marketing efforts

Knowing what consumers think of your brand is vital for improving your brand strategies to bridge the gap between perception and reality.

People are 2.5 times more likely to opt for a brand they are familiar with than a lesser-known competitor.

Brand awareness research determines which marketing channels (social media, email campaigns, etc.) generate the most brand awareness. The surveys also expose any disconnect between your marketing message and how it’s being interpreted.

With brand awareness surveys, you can see if your marketing efforts are reaching the right audience and delivering the intended message.

Unmask brand misconceptions

Brand awareness surveys can reveal inaccurate beliefs about your brand’s features, pricing, or target audience. This enables you to address these misconceptions head-on and ensure your brand is correctly understood.

Consumers also trust authentic brands and are more likely to purchase from them.

Negative misconceptions can linger if left unchecked. Brand survey questions can help you identify these potential issues early on and take corrective action before they damage your brand image.

A study finds that 86% of consumers prioritize trust and authenticity when choosing brands they connect with.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses

Every brand has its unique personality, a blend of strengths and weaknesses. By measuring brand awareness, you’ll find out what you’re acing at and what areas need a bit of TLC (tender loving care).

A brand awareness questionnaire can expose any weaknesses and help you understand how your target audience compares your brand with competitors.

Knowing your strengths can help you flaunt them even more while understanding your weaknesses gives you the chance to improve in that area.

Now enough Jibber Jabber! Let’s see some examples of brand awareness survey questions.

Sample brand awareness survey questions

Businesses often struggle with how to measure brand awareness with targeted questions. Here are some sample brand awareness survey questions covering different aspects to get you started.  

Brand recall questions

  1. Can you name any brands that provide [specific product/service]?
  • [Open-ended response]
  1. Which brand first comes to mind when you think of [specific product/service]?
  • [Open-ended response]
  1. Where have you seen or heard of [Your Brand Name] recently? (Select all that apply)
  • Social media advertisement
  • Online search results
  • Website visit
  • In-store display/advertisement
  • Recommendation from a friend/family member
  • Other (Please Specify)
  1. When did you last purchase a product from [Brand Name]?
  • Within the last month
  • Within the last 3 months
  • Within the last 6 months
  • Within the last year
  • More than a year ago
  1. Can you recall a recent marketing campaign by [Your Brand Name]? (Yes/No)
    • If yes, briefly describe the campaign
      • [Open-ended response]
  2. Was there anything that stood out to you from our campaigns?
    • [Open-ended response]

Questions for Brand Perception

  1. What three words come to mind when you think of [Your Brand Name]?
    • [Open-ended response]
  2. How would you describe [Your Brand Name] in a few sentences?
    • [Open-ended response]
  3. On a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree), how much do you agree with the statement: “[Your Brand Name] offers high-quality products/services.”
    • [Scale Question]
  4. What makes [Your Brand Name] unique compared to other brands in this category?
    • [Open-ended response]
  5. Which brand do you consider to be [Your Brand Name]’s biggest competitor? (Open Ended)
  • Why do you consider them a competitor?
    • [Open-ended response]
  1. Do you feel that you get good value for your money when you purchase products/services from [Your Brand]?
    • (Yes/No)
  2. On a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree), how much do you agree with the statement: “The price of [Product/Service Name] is fair for the quality offered.”
    • [Scale Question]
Questions for brand awareness survey

Brand loyalty

  1. Do you currently use any products/services from [Your Brand Name]? (Yes/No)
  • If yes, which ones? (Open Ended)
  1. How often do you typically purchase products/services from [Your Brand Name]?
  • Never
  • Less than once a year
  • A few times a year
  • A few times a month
  • Regularly
  1. Would you like to join a loyalty program for [Your Brand Name]?
    • (Yes/No)
  2. Would you consider purchasing a product/service from [Your Brand Name] in the next six months? (Yes/No)
  • If yes, what product/service are you most interested in?
    • [Open-ended response]
  1. Would someone else’s opinion of our products and services influence your purchase?
    • [Open-ended response]
  2. On a scale of 1 (not likely at all) to 5 (very likely), how likely are you to recommend [Your Brand Name] to a friend or colleague?
    • [Scale Question]

Brand experience

  1. How satisfied are you with your recent experience with [Your Brand]?
    • Very dissatisfied
    • Dissatisfied
    • Neutral
    • Satisfied
    • Very satisfied
  2. Did you find it easy to contact customer service when you needed help?
    • (Yes/No)
  3. How well did [Product/Service Name] meet your expectations?
  • Exceeded expectations
  • Met expectations
  • Did not meet expectations
  1. On a scale of 1 (very poor) to 5 (excellent), how would you rate the quality of [Product/Service Name]?
    • [Scale Question]
  2. How easy was it to navigate the [Your Brand] website/app?
    • Very easy
    • Somewhat easy
    • Neutral
    • Somewhat difficult
    • Very difficult
  3. Were you able to find the information you were looking for on the [Your Brand] website/app?
    • (Yes/No)
  4. How clear/easy to understand are the marketing communications from [Your Brand] (emails, social media posts, etc.)?
    • Very easy to understand
    • Somewhat easy to understand
    • Neutral
    • Somewhat unclear or difficult to understand
    • Very unclear or difficult to understand
  5. Could we have done anything to improve your recent experience with [Your Brand]?
    • [Open-ended response]

Create and analyze brand awareness surveys with the best survey tool

Brand awareness surveys offer a window into the minds of your audience and reveal insights that shape your marketing strategies and enhance your brand’s image.

However, conducting these surveys is a time-consuming and tedious process that requires the right tools.

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Brand awareness survey questions to ask your customers