Effective CSAT surveys, a roadmap to customer satisfaction

Have you ever wondered about the level of satisfaction your clients have with your goods or services? Grasping customer feelings is vital for the prosperity of a business. This is the point where CSAT surveys come into play!


Customer contentment is crucial for any enterprise seeking to outshine in the current competitive market. A practical method to measure and enhance customer happiness is via CSAT questionnaires.

In this guide, we will show you how to make a CSAT survey with Formaloo. This will help you learn more about your customers and improve their experience.

What is a CSAT survey?

A CSAT survey measures how happy customers are with a company’s products or services. It stands for Customer Satisfaction Score. A common way to see if customers are satisfied is by doing this.

It provides businesses with tangible feedback to identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement in their offerings.

A CSAT survey is an efficient method to gauge customer contentment with your business’s offerings.

It provides important insights to help improve customer loyalty, stay ahead of competitors, and increase profits in the end.

Who can benefit from implementing CSAT surveys?

CSAT surveys are helpful for all types of businesses. They can assist new companies in gaining loyal customers and help established businesses keep their customers happy.

If you are a new business looking to build a loyal customer following, CSAT surveys can be beneficial. For established companies wanting to keep customers happy, using CSAT surveys can help reach your goals.

CSAT surveys prove advantageous for enterprises, regardless of their size or sector. Be it a budding startup or a massive conglomerate, comprehending customer satisfaction is crucial for expansion.

How to measure customer satisfaction

Grasping the sentiment of your clientele is vital for any business aiming to boost satisfaction rates. But what’s the best way to accurately gauge customer satisfaction? It involves employing the appropriate metrics and techniques.

Metrics like NPS, CES, and CSAT surveys help measure how customers feel about a company. They are important tools for businesses.

By using these measurements together, you can understand how happy customers are and find areas to make better.

Beyond CSAT surveys, there are numerous methods to gauge customer satisfaction. Here are a few techniques you might want to think about:

  • Customer effort score (CES): This measures how easy it is for customers to do things or solve issues with your company.
  • Net promoter score (NPS): This score measures customer loyalty by asking if they would recommend your business to others.
  • Customer reviews & feedback: Focus on online evaluations, comments on social media, and immediate customer responses to comprehend customer feelings.
  • Customer retention rate: Monitoring your client attrition rate can reflect general contentment. Devoted customers are more inclined to stay.

Types of Customer Experience Surveys

Customer experience (CX) surveys come in various forms, each serving distinct purposes in capturing feedback throughout the customer journey. Companies deploy transactional surveys after specific interactions, such as a purchase or customer support interaction, to gauge immediate satisfaction.

Relationship surveys provide insights into overall customer sentiment over time, fostering long-term relationships.

Surveys centered on particular touchpoints in the customer journey provide a detailed understanding of areas that require improvement. Businesses can customize feedback collection strategies by understanding different survey types to meet customer needs and expectations effectively.

Understanding different types of customer surveys can help you choose the best one for your needs.

  • CSAT surveys (Customer satisfaction score): CSAT surveys measure how satisfied people are with a specific interaction or experience.
  • Customer effort score (CES) surveys: These questionnaires concentrate on the simplicity with which customers can accomplish a particular task.
  • Post-transaction surveys: Dispatched following a purchase or service engagement, these surveys record customer feelings regarding a particular experience.
  • Website feedback surveys: Collect responses regarding the user-friendliness and user experience of your website through online surveys.

Types of customer satisfaction survey questions

CSAT surveys need well-thought-out questions to be effective. Using different types of questions helps gather thorough feedback from customers.

Likert scale measures satisfaction with numbers. Multiple-choice questions have set answers for simple analysis.

Open-ended questions help gather detailed feedback from customers, providing valuable insights. By using different types of questions, businesses can better understand customer experiences and find ways to make improvements.

While designing your survey, think about the various question structures to collect the most useful information:

  • Rating scale questions: Employ rating systems (for instance, 1-5 stars, emoticons) to measure levels of satisfaction.
customer satisfaction survey template
  • Multiple choice questions: Provide pre-set response options for clients to choose from.
  • Open-ended questions: Promote comprehensive responses by asking queries such as “What can we do to enhance your experience?”
open ended question
  • Dichotomous questions: These provide two options for responses (for instance, yes/no, satisfied/unsatisfied).

How to create a customer satisfaction survey with Formaloo

Formaloo makes creating effective CSAT surveys a breeze! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Create a new survey or use a template

Begin by accessing your Formaloo 3.0 dashboard. You can choose to create a new survey from scratch or use ready-made templates for customer satisfaction surveys.

The templates have different fields you can customize, like multiple-choice questions and rating scales. You can adjust the survey to fit your needs.

Step 2: Customize & personalize your survey

Formaloo’s intuitive survey creator enables you to customize your CSAT survey with ease. You can customize your survey by adding your logo, choosing brand colors, and adjusting the design. This will create a consistent look for your customers.

Customize your CSAT survey

Additionally, explore various question types such as multiple choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions to gather comprehensive feedback.

Here are some recommended question types for your CSAT survey:

  • Multiple choice: Ideal for questions like “Which of our products have you purchased recently?”
Multiple choice question of CSAT Survey
  • CSAT field: Use this user-friendly scale to measure overall satisfaction with a product or service.
CSAT survey field
  • Scoring (0-10): Perfect for questions like “Overall, how satisfied were you with your customer service experience?”
  • Long text: Encourage detailed responses with questions like “How can we improve your experience with our company?”

Step 3: Set up email notifications

You can add an ‘Email’ field to your form and turn on ‘Send submitted data to the submitter’. This will enable the submitter to receive their results.

Turn on ‘Notify Respondents’ in ‘Notifications’ to receive email notifications for new survey responses.

email notification

You also have the option to send responses to team members for prompt follow-up and evaluation. These notifications enable quick reactions based on customer feedback, fostering a proactive approach to addressing client problems.

Step 4: Publish and share your CSAT survey

After you’ve completed your CSAT survey, it’s now time to release it and begin gathering feedback.

Share the survey link with your audience or put it on your website using tools like iframes, widgets, or scripts. This makes it easier for more people to join and see how happy customers are.

Customer satisfaction survey best practices

A properly structured CSAT survey is crucial in optimizing response rates and collecting valuable data. Following design best practices guarantees a user-friendly and captivating survey experience for participants.

Designing an effective CSAT survey requires careful preparation. Here are some crucial design principles to follow:

  • Keep it short & sweet: Strive for brief surveys that require little time to finish. Make the survey short and focused on important parts of the customer experience to avoid making respondents tired.
  • Focus on clear & actionable questions: Pose inquiries that yield significant understanding for enhancement. Use simple language to reduce confusion and make sure questions are clear. Use a nice design with the same branding to make the survey look good.

Mobile-friendly design: Make your surveys easy to do on mobile devices so more people can participate easily. This will help businesses get better feedback and make more informed decisions.

  • Offer an incentive (Optional): Offer a reward to encourage people to take surveys.

Turn your customer feedback into action

Gathering feedback is merely the initial phase; the real worth is in converting that feedback into concrete enhancements. Effectively scrutinizing survey data is vital for spotting trends and patterns that guide strategic decision-making.

Focus on insights that can drive action, especially those that have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Establish a systematic method for executing initiatives based on feedback, allocating duties, and setting timelines for completion.

Consistently track advancements and make adjustments according to changing customer requirements and responses. Companies can make customers happier by listening to feedback and always trying to get better and be more practical.

Collecting useful client responses is only the beginning. Here’s how to transform those perceptions into actionable steps:

  • Analyze the data: Recognize patterns and potential enhancements based on the outcomes of your survey.
  • Respond to feedback: Recognize both commendations and criticisms, demonstrating to clients that their experience matters to you.
  • Take action: Make changes based on feedback. It demonstrates your commitment to satisfying customers.

Track progress: Monitor changes you make and regularly check if customers are happy with them over time.

10 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions & templates

Here are some extra questions you might want to incorporate into your CSAT survey:

  1. On a scale of 0 to 10, how satisfied are you with our product/service? (This provides a baseline measure of overall customer sentiment)
  2. How likely are you to recommend our product/service to a friend or colleague? (This gauges customer loyalty and potential for word-of-mouth marketing)
  3. How happy were you with the help you got from our customer service team? (This measures how satisfied customers are with support).
  4. Is our product/service easy to use? (This helps find any issues with how easy it is to use our product/service).
  5. Do you feel our product/service provides good value for the price? (This assesses customer perception of the price-to-value proposition)
  6. To what extent did our product/service meet your expectations? (This helps identify any gaps between customer expectations and your offering)
  7. How well did we resolve your recent issue or inquiry? (This gauges customer satisfaction with your problem-solving capabilities)
  8. What can we do to improve your experience with our company? (This allows customers to provide detailed feedback on areas for improvement)
  9. Is there any extra functionality you would want to see in our product or service? (This helps identify potential product development opportunities)
  10. How easy was it to navigate and find the information you needed on our website? (This gathers specific feedback on website usability)

Customer satisfaction survey templates

Elevate customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys

CSAT surveys help improve customer satisfaction, not just measure customer insights.

Formaloo is easy to use for this purpose. You can create personalized CSAT surveys for your business to collect valuable feedback. You can consistently improve customer experience.

Use CSAT surveys from Formaloo to get important customer feedback and improve their experience by making necessary adjustments. Keep in mind, that satisfied customers are the key to a prosperous business!

Ready to elevate your customer satisfaction levels? Begin making your CSAT survey with Formaloo now to improve customer satisfaction and achieve business success.

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Effective CSAT surveys, a roadmap to customer satisfaction