How to use Google Forms for appointment scheduling

Managing appointments can be a hassle, especially when it involves an endless email chain to find the perfect time slot. Luckily, there’s a stress-free solution that saves you time and makes scheduling a breeze.


Managing appointments can be a hassle, especially when it involves an endless email chain to find the perfect time slot. Luckily, there’s a stress-free solution that saves you time and makes scheduling a breeze.

Google Forms lets clients or customers pick a time slot that works for them, without having to send multiple emails. Use Google Forms for all your scheduling needs, keeping everyone informed and avoiding communication confusion. Plus, most people are familiar with using Google Forms, making it an easy and accessible tool.

In this article, we will guide you through creating scheduling forms using Google Forms and its alternatives.

The positive impact of online appointment forms on your business

Creating online appointment booking forms comes with multiple benefits for your business and workflows. Here are some of the benefits of using a scheduling system.

  1. Increase employee productivity: By using online scheduling forms, businesses can automate appointment confirmation, reminders, and updates, effectively reducing the administrative workload. This allows staff to concentrate on more crucial tasks while ensuring that clients receive timely and accurate information about their appointments.
  2. Improve customer online scheduling journey: Scheduling forms allow clients to book appointments online 24/7, respecting diverse schedules and time zones.
  3. Boost conversions & revenues: Digital scheduling forms reduce errors and improve organization. Predefined fields make it easier to collect precise information, and the data is automatically organized for efficient appointment management.

How to use Google Forms for Scheduling

To use Google Forms for scheduling, you need to follow specific steps.

Step1: Create a Google Form

First, go to the Google Forms homepage and log in using your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you should create one.

You can also open a new Google Form using your Google Drive.

Once at Google Forms, open a new form from scratch by clicking the “Start a new form” button.

Google Forms

Step2: Set up your online appointment scheduling form

Name your form at the top and add a brief description if necessary. Make your form’s title clear so users know what they will sign up for.

Step3: Add your form’s fields

It’s recommended to ask for the person’s name, email, and phone number. You can also require these fields to ensure you get all the information.

To add a field, click the “+ Add question” button, type in your question, and choose the right type of answer from the dropdown.

You can now set up some appointment slots. You can do this with a multiple-choice question like “Pick your preferred time slot,” then list all the available times as the answer choices. You’re all set to start collecting information and scheduling appointments.

scheduling appointment

Step4: Use conditional logic

Start your form by asking people which day of the week they want to meet. Then, based on their answer, give them different options for the time slots they can choose from using conditional logic.

Step5: Set up your scheduling form settings

To configure settings, go to the “Settings” tab at the top navigation bar. Under the “Responses” option, enable the “Collect email addresses” option because you will need them for further communication.

You can also enable the “Limit to 1 response” option. Under the “Presentation” option you can edit the “Confirmation” message or shuffle the questions’ order.

Set up your booking form settings

Step6: Send out your booking request form

After setting up your Google Forms for appointments, you can send it out to people. Before sending it, preview the form by clicking on the “eye icon“.

Once you are satisfied, click on the “Send” button and share it via email, link, or embed HTML.

Is there a better way tho?

While Google Forms is simple and practical for scheduling, it does have its downsides. The interface is basic and informal, so it usually works better for class projects and internal polls or surveys.

Using Formaloo, you can customize your form as much as you like and have a more user-friendly interface.

Choose a scheduling template, add your logo, colors, and backgrounds, and start gathering the data you require.

You can add date and time fields to let your users choose from. Customize your form’s domain and email notifications to make it look more professional.

To get all the appointments on your Google Calendar, set up your integration easily using Zapier. You can even collect online payments through the same form by integrating your payment methods.

Learn more about how to create an appointment scheduling form.

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Simplified appointment scheduling: The easy way to win customers

Google Forms and similar tools like Formaloo make it easy and simple for your customers. When they see that arranging a meeting with you is just a few clicks away, it becomes very convenient for them.

This makes them more likely to agree to the appointment. Being efficient and considerate of time makes your business look good and can lead to loyal customers who recommend your services.

Using a personalized appointment form makes scheduling simple and demonstrates professionalism and customer appreciation.

This can leave a positive impression on potential customers right from the start. It’s not only about convenience; it’s a clever way to get new customers and retain existing ones.

Using an appointment form is not just for scheduling. It helps attract and retain customers, leading to business growth and success.

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How to use Google Forms for appointment scheduling