How to create an amazing personality quiz in minutes

Learn how to create a personality quiz with variables, logic, and calculation. Customize your personality test, and improve marketing research and lead generation.


Personality quizzes are a popular tool for self-discovery, career guidance, marketing research, and lead generation. They are typically composed of a series of questions that ask participants to reflect on their personal preferences, traits, and experiences.

These quizzes can provide valuable insights into a person’s personality, interests, and behavior.

People use personality tests to learn important details about their own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. It is a popular tool for entertainment and self-discovery.

Furthermore, by assisting users in locating viable job routes suitable to their interests and strengths, these tests also provide career recommendations. Personality assessments are used to determine whether potential romantic partners, friends, or coworkers will get along.

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Personality tests are great for marketing research. They help companies understand their target market’s preferences and interests. Finally, you can use this information to inform marketing decisions.

With Formaloo, you can easily create and customize your own personality quiz to meet your specific needs and goals.

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How do personality tests help you generate leads?

You can use personality quizzes as a marketing tool. They can help to attract potential leads. You can achieve this by creating a quiz relevant to the target audience.

Asking questions about the business can help qualify leads. Tailored follow-up messages can be based on the quiz results.

The quiz can collect data that provides insight into the target audience’s interests, preferences, and pain points. You can use this data to inform the marketing strategy and product development.

The quiz can become a source of viral marketing if it is engaging and shareable. This can attract a large number of participants and potential leads through social media and other online channels.

This guide will walk you through the steps to create a personalized and engaging, and valuable personality assessment.

Create a personality quiz with logic and calculation

1- Customize your personality quiz

If you don’t have a Formaloo account, sign up for free and open your dashboard. You can start creating your test from scratch, or select one of our 200+ pre-made templates.

To customize your quiz, add multiple types of questions to collect users’ names, email, and contact numbers.

Create single-choice and multiple-choice questions, embed videos, and add pictures to make your quiz more fun.

You can also choose from a variety of colors and fonts to customize the look and feel of your quiz. If you are still looking for a free personality test maker, Formaloo is your best bid.

Read more about customizing your form to the next level.

2- Add variables to calculate the personality type

Add a “variable” field for each personality type you have. The “variable” field helps you store calculated data as your user fills out the form.

You can choose between different types of variables, such as integer, text, decimal, or formula. To use the formula, you should first add IDs for each of the number fields you will use in your calculation. Then simply call these IDs and use them in your formula field.

Learn more about how to use variables in Formaloo.

For the personality quiz, create an “integer variable” for each personality type. In our example, we’ll determine the user’s identical character in Star Wars based on how they respond to the questions.

We have four personality types and four variable fields: Darth, Luke, Leia, and Yoda. Add an ID for each of your variables if you want to use answer piping in the next steps.

test results

3- Create your test results

In our example, we have different personality types that will display depending on the user’s answers. There are 2 methods to show the final test result to the user.

First method: section fields

Add “section fields” to write the title and description for each personality model. You can also add pictures, videos, or links to make it more fun.

This way, the quiz takers will see their results, after answering the questions and before submitting the form. Using answer piping also helps you show the final score to the user.

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Second method: multiple success pages

To display results after submitting a form, make unique success messages for each personality type instead of section fields.

At the end of your form, add multiple “Success page” fields. Describe each one and include pictures or links to share with users after they complete the quiz.

Learn more about how to create multi-success pages.

4- Set up conditional logic and scoring

Now we need to set up the logic, calculate each variable’s value, and connect them to the personality types. Logic is like a flowchart it fires when you have an action, mainly when you answer a question.

Click on the “logic” tab, select “Advanced logic“, and add a condition for every question in your editor.

For example, for the first question, if the answer is option 2, then add 1 to “Darth.”

And If the answer is option 1, then add 1 to “Luke.”

So for each question, we set 4 conditions based on 4 personality types.

This way, you can calculate your “variables” in the next steps. Based on your user’s answers, each variable will have a final score.

5- Show the calculated personality type

Now you can compare the score of your variable fields and connect the related personality type to your responses.

Here, we should add other logical conditions based on the scores.

Let’s go back to our example: We have four types of personality, for each one, add 3 conditions as below:

1- if Luke is greater than or equal to Darth, and

2- if Luke is less than or equal to Leisa, and

3- if Luke is less than or equal to Yoda, then Jump to Luke Skywalker.

Note: For the “Multi-step” form, the logic will have a “Jump to” option. In the “Single-step” form, the logic will have “Show” and “Hide” options.

health care

If you used the success pages method instead of the section fields, the last condition to set should be:

“After Submit, Go to Success Page”, and select the success message based on the score of the variable fields.

You can also redirect your users to other sites. This means when you answer all the form and submit it, it will do that action.

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6- Embed your quiz on your website

You can publish your personality quiz on your blog or social media channels. Also, you can send the form URL to the users.

From your dashboard, right-click on your form, choose “View code & widgets,” and select the code. You can choose from different options like embedded link, iframe, script, widget, or chatbot.

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7- Collect results and analyze the quiz responses

Use Formaloo’s powerful analytics tools to track user responses, and analyze results. You can see the results as tables, charts, and Kanban boards to optimize your quiz for better engagement and lead generation.

Learn more about how to create advanced charts.

Personality quizzes: A tool for self-discovery and growth

We went through a personality quiz in this tutorial. We learned how to use the variable field and logic to calculate the user’s personality type according to their answers.

By using Formaloo, you can create engaging and informative quizzes that provide value to your audience. Formaloo makes it easy to design a quiz that meets your individual needs and goals. You can create a quiz from scratch or use a customizable template.

Learn more about how to create a quiz with automatic scoring.

Formaloo is the perfect platform for creating a personality quiz. Its intuitive interface and powerful analytics tools make it easy to customize the quiz to engage, inform and inspire.

If you have any questions, check out Formaloo’s support page to find ways you can contact us.

Follow Formaloo’s YouTube channel to watch more helpful videos and updates.

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How to create an amazing personality quiz in minutes