Top 5 best Quizlet alternatives and competitors

Digital learning tools benefit educational institutions and workplaces, helping students and employees acquire essential knowledge for success.


Unlike traditional passive learning methods such as textbooks or lectures, online quizzes, flashcards, and tests actively engage students, such as Quizlet.

We’ve rounded up the top 5 Quizlet alternatives that will add a new dimension to your learning experience. From interactive features to diverse study modes, these platforms offer a refreshing take on mastering your material.

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a digital learning tool that can help students actively engage in the learning process. According to Quizlet, around 90% of students who use this tool have achieved higher grades. Quizlet offers features like flashcards, quizzes, diagrams, and audio lessons to encourage students to learn the material differently.

Before 2023, the program was free for students and teachers. However, from January 2023, group orders and individual teacher purchases are for $68.38/year and $44.99/year, respectively.

Although Quizlet is a popular choice among instructors, it’s not the only option available. Let’s explore the best Quizlet alternatives in 2023.

Top 5 Quizlet Alternatives

1- Formaloo

The best Quizlet alternative: Formaloo

Formaloo is a free online quiz maker ideal for both learners and teachers. You can create self-grading quizzes with a simple drag-and-drop.

You can create custom engaging quizzes and tests from scratch or use one of the pre-made quiz templates. Just grab a template and customize it with your questions and school or company branding.

You can use conditional logic to display questions based on previous answers. Use variables and formulas to calculate quiz scores. Provide an answer sheet for test takers to check their answers immediately after submitting.

Formaloo helps you collect all the data and quiz results in one place. You can create a custom app where you add tables, charts, and boards for your class management. Share access with your teammates and control their access levels depending on their roles.

You can create leaderboards to encourage healthy competition and even share the results using the presentation mode.

Formalaoo is available through a free forever plan. It also has multiple paid plan tiers starting at $18 per month.

2- Quizizz

Quizizz flashcards

Quizizz is a dynamic educational platform that aims to inspire and engage students. With this Quizlet alternative, you can create interactive quizzes tailored to your students’ needs. You can choose from many question types, such as multiple-choice, audio responses, and creative drawings, to test your knowledge effectively.

Quizizz’s versatile toolkit allows you to design engaging lessons and generate leaderboards to encourage friendly competition among students. Gain insights into classroom trends and progress by diving into the platform’s data reports.

Teachers can sign up for Quizizz for free, while school and district administrators can get a personalized quote online.

3- Kahoot

Kahoot Quiz

Kahoot is where education meets the excitement of gaming to transform learning into a fun experience. This Quizlet alternative introduces flashcards with videos, images, and personalized learning modes.

Teachers can assess student progress, assign custom challenges, and improve comprehension of specific topics within the platform.

Suitable for remote or at-home learning across all levels. Kahoot provides a free plan and a range of paid options for teachers, students, workplaces, and beyond.

4- StudyStack

Quizlet alternative: Kahoot

StudyStack is a digital learning platform where you can create and share electronic flashcards and other study materials. You can find or create flashcards for various subjects like vocabulary, history, science, and more.

The platform offers interactive games and quizzes, making the learning experience more fun and engaging. StudyStack is an excellent resource for studying and reviewing information. StudyStack has a free plan, but there are paid Pro plans that remove ads available for both students and teachers.

5- ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a user-friendly tool for creating quizzes, perfect for classrooms and workplaces. Teachers and trainers can easily craft interactive quizzes by adding images, videos, and text.

Another benefit of using ProProfs Quiz Maker is its automated grading system, which saves you time and effort when grading quizzes. This feature lets you give immediate feedback to your learners, so they can see their progress and find areas to improve.

It provides a convenient question library and automated grading. ProProfs Quiz Maker offers a free plan with basic features and several paid plans tailored for businesses and schools.

Formaloo: The best Quizlet alternative

In the world of learning tools, we have explored various Quizlet alternatives, each with its strengths. But Formaloo takes the crown as the best choice. Why? It’s like having a personal tutor in your pocket.

Formaloo stands out because it’s super easy to use. You can make quizzes that fit your style, and it gives you hints and feedback instantly. Plus, it keeps track of your progress, showing where you’re rocking and where you might need a little extra boost.

It’s also convenient for teams as you can share access with your fellow teachers or school management.

Think of it like this: Formaloo makes learning feel like a fun adventure where you’re in control. If you want to learn and improve, Formaloo is the best learning app for you.

Sign up for free and try it today. For more useful content, check our latest blog posts and follow us on our YouTube channel.

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Top 5 best Quizlet alternatives and competitors