Software Advice named Formaloo as the top database tools of 2022

We are thrilled that we wrapped up 2022, getting recognized as the top database tools in Software Advice’s Frontrunners report.


We are thrilled that we wrapped up 2022, getting recognized as the top database tools in Software Advice’s Frontrunners report.

The report analyzes genuine reviews from verified end-users and ranks the best-performing products based on availability and customer satisfaction ratings. As a result, it provides businesses with valuable insights into top-rated products, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions. Learn more about the methodology here.

Formaloo earned an excellent overall rating of 4.7/5. Big thanks to all our beloved users! It would not have been possible without your constant support.

This loyalty and confidence inspire us to continue providing our customers with the best possible service, and we are deeply grateful for this enduring belief in us. As a result, we continually innovate and exceed our users’ expectations, and we look forward to serving them for years.

Formaloo was also featured as one of the Top low-code development platforms last year.

Low-code platforms enable users to develop applications without extensive coding skills. In addition, these platforms offer an intuitive visual interface and pre-built templates that accelerate development times and reduce costs.

The top database tools of 2022

Here’s what Farokh Shahabi, our CEO, has to say about this achievement:

Becoming the #1 category leader is the dream of every startup. This award shows that we’re on the right path.
We at Formaloo thrived by focusing on product-led growth and nothing else. And soon, we found out that community-led growth is the new PLG.
Community is the key that makes a product successful. The first members of any community are die-hard fans of that product. Having a community is not about communication. It’s about “finding new opportunities” to improve the product.
Our beloved community of no-code developers provides feedback and perspective that’s priceless. In addition, our community finds new ways to use Formaloo that we couldn’t even imagine before, thus unlocking the hidden opportunities for the future of Formaloo.
The road to product-led growth is paved by the members of your community that love your product.
So here I want to thank our beloved community members and our fantastic team who made this happen.

Farokh Shahabi, CEO of Formaloo

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Check out reviews from our happy users

“Formaloo is a great tool which is helping us with data capture, earlier we had to create our forms, even google forms was not much customizable, Formaloo gave us customization, and we even now don’t have to worry about captcha.” – Deepak

“For me, Formaloo is a great survey tool that I can offer to my customer. My customer can log in to the form and see all reports. If they want, they can also update the form. Ease of use to customize the form, integration with a google sheet, the logic, calculator.” – Sam

“We have been using Formaloo in our agency for six months now, and we have used it for pre-meeting questionnaires, feedback forms, data gathering for new website content as well as teaching clients how to run their surveys.” – Rob

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Formaloo data collection and organization platform

Formaloo is a highly effective collaboration platform that requires no coding. With Formaloos, you can create custom forms from scratch or use pre-made templates to save time.

Software Advice Frontrunners report

Formaloo’s drag-and-drop editor and vast customization options make creating and maintaining databases easy.

You can create custom forms and apps to collect and manage data, automate tasks, and integrate with other tools. Variety of visualization options, such as charts, tables, and boards, to quickly identify trends and patterns in your data.

You can also create an app in Formaloo without any code. Also, the portal mode allows you to build membership-only portals with no code.

With Formaloo, you can manage your databases efficiently. Allowing non-business users to create databases, Formaloo helps with your data management from collection to analytics.

Build a portal with no code →

The full potential power of your user data with advanced tracking and analysis tools to gain Valuable insights and boost business performance. Create real-time dashboards, an up-to-date view of team operations and performance, and keep your team aligned as work changes. Make brilliant forms with answer piping, variable field, logic and calculation, and online payment.

Gather valuable feedback from event attendees, and survey templates, Measure the effectiveness of your organization’s HR practices, and improve employee retention.

Sign up for free, get started with Formaloo today, and experience the future of data-driven customer engagement.

Find the right tools on Software Advice

Software Advice is an online resource for businesses searching for reliable software recommendations. This platform offers various categories, including Hr, CRM, and accounting, that users can compare and measure different options based on features, customer reviews, and pricing.

Furthermore, this platform offers personalized recommendations based on specific business needs that experienced software advisors provide. See all the top database tools of 2022 announced by Software Advice.

In addition, Software Advice features genuine user ratings and reviews that empower users to make informed decisions when selecting software products.

Software Advice is a Gartner company. For more information, visit Software Advice.

So we’re excited that Formaloo has been named the top database tool on Software Advice! At Formaloo, we’re committed to providing users with the best tools and services to optimize their data management strategies. We’re grateful to our customers for their support and feedback, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and improve in the years ahead.

Sign up today and join the thousands of businesses that trust Formaloo for their data management needs.

Also, If you have any questions, check out Formaloo’s support page to find ways you can contact us.

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Software Advice named Formaloo as the top database tools of 2022