SurveyMonkey vs. Formaloo; Which is best for your needs

Formaloo and SurveyMonkey are two popular cloud-based survey tools that helps users create, send, and analyze surveys. While both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, it’s essential to compare and contrast their features to decide which one best fits your business needs.


Formaloo and SurveyMonkey are online survey tools that enable businesses to collect valuable feedback from customers and employees.

However, Formaloo also provides a comprehensive customer data management and automation platform.

Create live polls and surveys

In this article, we will provide a side-by-side comparison chart of Formaloo(great for organizations & work-related forms) and SurveyMonkey(great for surveys), analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and features to help you make an informed decision.

Comparison chart of SurveyMonkey and Formaloo


Forms, quizzes, and surveys:

Sharing & collaboration:

No-code App Builder:

SurveyMonkey: Everything you need to create the best surveys

SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool that enables businesses to easily create and distribute surveys to collect valuable feedback from customers and employees.

With SurveyMonkey, you can create custom surveys using different types of questions and templates, and distribute them via email, social media, or website embeds.

It also provides simple analytics tools to help businesses analyze survey results and gain insights into customer preferences and behavior.

This can inform product development, marketing strategies, and other business decisions. SurveyMonkey offers a range of subscription plans to suit different business needs and budgets, with options for small businesses, enterprise-level organizations, and everything in between.

Overall, SurveyMonkey is an option for businesses seeking a user-friendly and effective way to collect and analyze customer feedback.

Formaloo; Create beautiful & engaging surveys

Formaloo is a customizable form builder that enables you to create, publish, and manage forms without any coding skills.

With Formaloo, users can build forms, surveys, quizzes, and business apps that are easy to use.

Learn more about how to customize your forms to the next level.

Formaloo offers hundreds of templates, to create forms and apps that suit your business needs.

Advanced surveys with conditional logic

Design captivating online surveys with advanced features like branching questions, conditional logic, and multiple success pages.

Show only the relevant questions to your user based on their previous answers. Use URL parameters, variable fields, calculations, and logic jumps to make your surveys more interactive and responsive.

Customizable reports and dashboards

Also, its advanced data management features, allow users to easily manage, store, and analyze data collected through their forms. In addition, Formaloo’s powerful reporting and analytics tools provide deep insights into your data, helping you make informed decisions that drive growth and improve customer experience.

Whether you’re looking to conduct surveys, collect leads, or manage event registrations, Formaloo is the ultimate form builder for all your data management needs.

Using Formaloo, you will get instant charts, tables, and boards to present your collected data and make more informed decisions.

With Formaloo, you can create customized forms that build your business, protect subscriber data, share your forms anywhere, and collect real-time reports.

Increase conversion rates with survey widgets

Gain deeper insights into your customers with personalized surveys delivered by your website.

Create any kind of survey such as NPS, CSAT, and CES. Customize them to match your brand’s look and feel, and easily embed it on your website.

Secure file storage

In addition to its automation capabilities, Formaloo also provides robust security and privacy controls to ensure that customer data is stored and managed securely.

The platform offers advanced data management features, such as custom fields, tagging, and filtering, making organizing and searching for specific information easy.

You can also set up user permissions, ensuring that only authorized people can access sensitive data.

Partial submits

Track and recover lost leads, understand the motives behind their disengagement, and identify behavior patterns.

The best SurveyMonkey alternative for Offline surveys

Empower your onsite survey strategy with offline functionality. Gather real-time feedback when your audience is engaging with your services.

Marketing automation

Set up custom notifications. Automatically send emails and notifications to yourself, your team or your participants.

Choosing between SurveyMonkey and Formaloo;

In conclusion, both Formaloo and SurveyMonkey offer valuable tools for building surveys, collecting, managing, and utilising customer data.

SurveyMonkey provides an effective way to collect customer feedback through online surveys, while Formaloo’s comprehensive customer data management tools make it an excellent option for businesses seeking a more integrated and personalized approach to customer engagement.

Both platforms offer valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences and can help businesses improve their marketing strategies and drive growth.

Ultimately, the choice between Formaloo and SurveyMonkey will depend on each business’s specific needs and priorities.

However, businesses that prioritize comprehensive customer data management and marketing automation will likely find that Formaloo offers the most robust and effective solution.

SurveyMonkey is ultimately just a survey-building tool. So if your team looks for a tool to develop internal business applications with no code, Formaloo is your best bet, give it a try, and Sign up for free.

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SurveyMonkey vs. Formaloo; Which is best for your needs