3 types of online donation forms to customize right now

3 types of online donation forms to customize right now

Donation forms are an essential part of any nonprofit fundraising platform. An online donation form is the most popular way for nonprofits to collect donations from supporters. You can quickly build an online donation form with Formaloo.

Creating a donation form online is an excellent way to ensure users can donate and trust your organization with their money. Formaloo donation forms also make it easier for nonprofits to attract new donors. It also allows them to track donations over time and build relationships with their supporters using their data.

Create a payment method and connect it to your form

Formaloo allows you to customize donation amounts and provide a secure, robust way for nonprofits to accept payments from providers like Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Razorpay.

First, create a payment method on your workspace. Then, check out this tutorial to learn more about payment methods.

create new payment method

After creating your payment method, you should connect it with your form. To do so, edit your form from your dashboard and enable the payment option on the Settings tab. Then you can choose your payment method from the dropdown list.

Build your online donation form

You can build a donation form from scratch or use our templates and customize them as you want.

With Formaloo, you can create three different online donation forms, depending on how much you want to collect from each donor.

  • Donation form with a variable amount
  • Donation form with a flexible amount
  • Donation form with a fixed amount

Read on to see how you can implement each in your Formaloo dashboard.

1. Online donation form with variable amounts

Start with customizing this ready-to-use template or build your donation form from scratch following these steps:

To make a donation form with variable values, edit your formaloo and add a number field there so your donor can enter their desired amount as the donation amount. Then click on the logic tab, and from the advanced logic page, find your donation amount field.

Set a condition on the amount field to always add the entered amount to the “Price” variable. The “Prie” variable is a system default field type that indicates the final payable amount of your form. So by setting the value of the amount field in it, your form’s payable amount will be assigned automatically as the donor is filling out the form.

Your condition should be something like the following:

“Always +Add Donation amount to Price”.

2. Online donation form with a flexible amount

To make a donation form with a flexible amount, you can use the Product field and add a specific value to donate. So your clients can pay a specific multiple of that number. Check out this template for donation forms with flexible payment amounts for more clarification.
Then turn on the “Form with payment” in the setting tab and choose your payment method. Your form will automatically redirect to the payment getaway.

3. Online donation form with a fixed amount

To set a fixed donation amount on your form, all you should do is edit your form, go to the Settings tab, and enter the fixed amount in the “Fixed payment amount” number box. That’s it! You can also use this ready-to-customize online donation form with a fixed payment template.

Final thoughts

In this tutorial, we went through the steps to create the best online donation form and customize it easily. Let the Formaloo template gallery inspire your next forms and apps.

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