Formaloo favorite movies app for Cinephiles

Cinephiles guide to building a favorite movies app – with no code

Who does not love movies and series? Almost everyone loves watching movies. If you are one of these people, this app is made for you. Join us to get acquainted with Formaloo’s favorite movie app.

If you want to have complete information about the film director, the actors, your personal notes from the film, and finally all the films you have seen, Formaloo gives you this feature with its new app.

How does Formaloo’s favorite movie app work?

You can create your own app without any code for movies and series. Start with our app template or build one from scratch.

To build your custom app, create your formaloos with all the fields you want to have there, including the film name, its type, genre, and also your notes on it. Also, you can create a formaloo for all directors, one for all actors, etc. And then lookup the actors’ data, for example, in the movie formaloo. It’s an amazing way to connect your formaloos.

Fill in the movie information in the app

You can categorize all movie information and place it in the main view section. This will help you to have a complete list of movies. We created 3 forms (Actors, Directors, and Movies) You can use the following categories with their related fields to create Movies form:

  • Movie’s name is a short text
  • Streaming time (It can be a Date or Single Choice field)
  • Director’s name(Dropdown or Single choice)
  • The main actors(it can be a text field or choice, It’s up to you)
Edit the favorite movies app template!

Categorize by genre

In Formaloo, you can sort movies by genre using the table creation feature by categorizing them in Formaloo.

Put the actor’s details in another category

Actor information such as biography, role in the film, film name, and personal notes can be part of the main view of the actor’s menu. This will help you identify actors who have the same films. You can also add actors’ pictures in the next updates and enjoy your full app.

We even have a director’s menu in our favorite movie app!

If you like certain directors’ films and want to see them together, this is the best opportunity! This menu allows you to get to know the directors with their films. You can also add a text field to include the director’s biography. For example, if you are interested in Lars von Trier, you can put all its videos in the app and sort them if necessary.

So what are you waiting for? Personalize this app right now and enjoy it!

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Getting started is easy

Start organizing your data with Formaloo.