How can you build customer loyalty on Shopify website

Customer loyalty is the most essential ingredient of any growing business. Customer loyalty can be a significant game-changer for any growing e-commerce business. By increasing customer retention by 5%, you can increase your profits by 25% to 95%. Also, your current customers spend up to 67% more than new customers.

This is why you should actively build customer loyalty on your Shopify website. This article gives you simple follow-through steps to do so.

1. Avoid the drivers of customer disloyalty

Drivers of Disloyalty to build customer loyalty on Shopify website - Repeat contracts, channel switching, transfers, repeating information, the "hassle factor", generic service, complex policies and processes

The first step in building customer loyalty on Shopify is to avoid customer disloyalty. As reported by Gartner, there are 7 drivers for customer disloyalty: repeat contacts, channel switching, transfers, repeating information, the “hassle factor”, generic service, complex policies, and processes.

Make sure your customers are able to easily purchase products from your Shopify website. Test your purchasing process yourself and go through every single step as a customer. Remove any extra step or policy that is unnecessary. Make sure your customers can order from your website in the simplest possible way.

By understanding what your customers experience and making it more efficient, you will pave the first step of building customer loyalty in your Shopify website. But it’s not even half enough. Your business must also build a unique experience for each and every customer. This leads us to the next step.

2. Get to know your customers

To build strong customer loyalty on your Shopify website, as said before, you must customize the experience of each customer based on their needs and requirements.

You must learn every important detail about your customers. What do they buy? Why do they buy whatever they buy? How often do they buy? What are their preferred categories of products? And many more questions that need to be answered.

Answering these questions is easier said than done. Especially when your business is growing and wants to stay agile. This is why we built Formaloo to help you answer all these questions. By analyzing your customers’ data, Formaloo tells you who are your most loyal customers, who need your specific attention, and who is leaving your business for your competitors.

3. Customize the experience of each customer

Now that you perfectly know your customers and have organized this information, take action! Begin with recommending the right products to the exact customers who are looking for them. Then expand it to extra customized engagements like keeping in touch with customers who are less active on your Shopify website.

Since the ultimate goal is to profit more, you should work on your sales campaigns. Using a customer analytics platform like Formaoo, you will know how much discount works on which customer and at the same time bring you profit. You can also connect Formaloo to your mailing system to empower your email campaigns. By connecting Formaloo to your marketing tools, aside from automating your marketing processes, you will empower them with dynamic and fresh data about your customers.

3. Create a rewarding program to increase customer loyalty on Shopify

The only goal of rewarding programs is to encourage customers to buy more and more. By having a good rewarding program, your customers will be more engaged with your brand and business. With a reward system, you can even encourage your customers to refer you to their friends and collect rewards when their friends sign up or purchase from you.

Formaloo helps you in this process. Using Formaloo, you can define how many points your customers will gain when they perform specific actions.

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4. Encourage customer feedback

No data is more accurate than the one directly addressed by the customer. A very important step in engaging your customers with your system and also collecting their data is to directly ask for their feedback. Go for NPS, CSAT, and CES feedback collection. They are the most commonly used customer satisfaction metric.

Formaloo databases and forms empower your business with various data collection formats. You can use Formaloo widget templates on your Shopify website to ask for your customer’s feedback. Formaloo has various templates for NPS, CSAT, and CES feedback formats to automate this step for you.

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