RazorPay Integration

Collect secure online payments with your formaloos, and connect them directly to your RazorPay account. Full reporting and multiple payment gateways are supported. Available only for Indian businesses. Read along for the RazorPay integration tutorial.

First Step: Create a payment method

First, you’ll need to create a payment method. To create a new payment method, click on the profile icon at the top menu of your dashboard. Then select “Payment methods“.

select payment methods

It opens the payment methods page in which you can create your methods. Click on the “Create new payment method” link to create one.

create new payment method for Razorpay integration

From the list of gateways, select RazorPay and finish the verification process by putting your business keys in their allocated places.

For your connection to work, it’s important to make sure that your app is in “Live mode”, not “Sandbox” as instructed in the first step. In the above gif, we’ve skipped this step.

Remember to connect your payment method to your form. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can set up a fixed amount as your form’s payment. Also in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to calculate the total payable amount based on your user choices on your formaloos.

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