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Power up your team with no-code app building.

Formaloo empowers your team to create custom applications that perfectly fit your unique HR and marketing needs.

Increase efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks, streamline multi-step workflows, and eliminate manual data entry errors to save your team valuable time.  This allows them to focus on higher-level strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

Improve collaboration

Easily improve information accessibility and visibility for all team members, leading to better project coordination and faster completion times.

Integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools

Connect Formaloo with your existing tools and software for a unified workflow.

Powerful drag & drop blocks for your no-code app

Increase team productivity with custom business applications

Ditch cookie-cutter solutions. Formaloo's no-code app builder empowers you to create custom business applications that perfectly fit your team's needs.

Analyze insights with AI

Uncover hidden trends and make data-driven decisions with Formaloo's built-in AI-powered insights engine.

Formaloo for marketing teams

Sales pipeline powerhouse

Build custom lead capture forms, automate follow-up tasks, and gain real-time pipeline insights - all without coding.

Formaloo for sales teams

HR reinvented

Formaloo streamlines HR processes with custom applications for onboarding, performance reviews, and automated workflows.

Formaloo for HR teams

Operations automation

Build custom apps that automate tasks, streamline workflows, and improve data collection - all on a user-friendly platform.

Formaloo for operations teams

Remote teamwork hub

Formaloo bridges the distance for remote teams with collaborative tools and automated workflows.

Formaloo for remote teams

Scale with confidence

Build custom applications for internal use cases, boosting team productivity - without any coding expertise.

Formaloo for enterprises

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Formaloo 3.0 is a comprehensive digital workspace with features like a centralized dashboard, AI-powered tools, and custom client portals.
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Teams love making no-code apps with Formaloo.

Databases & business applications
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Perfect & easiest solution to create custom CRM. Formaloo provides many templates to get started with various use cases. The customer support is excellent. They respond right away and answer all your questions. They even send you video responses to show you how to fix whatever issue you are having and even offer different solutions.

There are many many things that can be done with Formaloo. I like the idea of not be limited to something in specific. It helps me to make developments with no code.

Formaloo is a super flexible survey/app building tool that allows the easy creation of apps. In fact, what I like most are the templates - they really showed me new ways of how to make use of type of software!

What I like the most about Formaloo is that you can make custom forms. Formaloo is great for making forms and surveys and managing the collected data.

Ease of use, folders for projects, as easy to use for forms as Canva is for image editing. Forms are much easier to create in Formaloo, especially any forms that require advanced logic or payment, which are a pain to do in the other systems.

Formaloo is a great form & survey builder for agencies as each client can be given permissions/access for each individual form. Also, each form can have it's own CNAME! No other form builder that I know of has this feature. Not only that, but they have all the features I would expect from a form builder.

Just what I was looking for! I love Formaloo because it is Simple and easy to use. I use it  to survey my clients, to better understand them.

Easy to use form builder and survey maker. Formaloo is easy to use, customer support is responsive, and it has lots of templates. It's easy to integrate Formaloo forms and surveys on the website.

Formaloo is versatile in the ways it can be used. From a simple contact form all the way to an app with multiple results that interacts with other software in your business. It's easy to use and has a very quick way to get your forms and apps built. Many of the apps I created took under a day to build.

Simplicity and the general UI/UX that this website offers for surveys. Much more attractive and more patronizable than G products. Formaloo provides better and more personalized surveys for our clients
I like the clean interface, modern design and features rich of Formaloo. I can create simple but beautiful forms with it. The support team is also very responsive. Getting lead and potential clients' contact info, and also surveying for clients' feedback after the deal. With Formaloo I can send simple but beautiful forms to collect the data I want from my clients
Formaloo provides a complete set of powerful building blocks out of the box with a powerful relational database automatically connected to them! leaving competitors way behind with its very easy to use user-interface.
Ease of use, folders for projects, as easy to use for forms as Canva is for image editing. Forms are much easier to create in Formaloo, especially any forms that require advanced logic or payment, which are a pain to do in the other systems.
It's easy to create forms that look attractive and increases response rate. The reporting dashboard is a great plus to keep track of responses. Formaloo helps me to create forms that are easy to complete, and more importantly visually appealing to increase response.
Formaloo has a large library of form templates that makes it easy to get started with their platform. I've also used Formaloo to build out very complex assessment forms from scratch using advanced calculation logic and workflow. I'm really impressed with their continued development velocity.

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