Connect businesses to talent through job fair registration

In 2024, it’s been found that over 70% of jobs are filled through networking and referrals. This shocking statistic highlights the importance of meeting other professionals and building a strong network in today’s job market.


Events such as job fairs are an excellent way to connect with others and discover new job opportunities that are hidden from the public.

For employers, it allows them to discover a diverse pool of candidates and meet them in person. Meanwhile, for job seekers, the opportunities and exposure to dozens of hiring companies could help them land that dream career.

It’s safe to say that job fairs are an integral aspect of the recruiting process for both employers and job seekers alike.

In this article, we will cover everything you’ll need to know about job fairs and how you can create your own job fair registration form using Formaloo!

Companies may also choose to distribute job application forms to gather information about applicants from the event all in one place. Use this template to easily create and customize your own job application forms.

Job application forms are crucial for learning more about job candidates beyond a simple conversation. Hiring managers can use applications to view resumes, and experiences, and ask questions to help decide who the company wants to interview.

What is a job fair?

A job fair (also commonly known as a career fair) are large-scale event where employers set up booths and meet with potential job candidates.

They are typically held by professional organizations or universities to help their industry or students thrive in the workplace. Employers looking for talent will have on-site recruiters providing attendees with information about company culture, job vacancies, and career growth.

Job fairs offer a multitude of benefits to the job market, here are some of the reasons why they are so important:

Networking opportunities:

Job fairs create a unique opportunity for professionals in a given industry to gather together under the same building. This means that attendees can form valuable relationships with industry leaders and start insightful conversations.

These relationships may lead to future job referrals, collaborations, or mentorships, which are all key aspects of long-term career development.

Industry seminars and workshops:

Many job fairs host professional seminars where industry executives talk about market trends and their career experiences. These seminars can help attendees become more knowledgeable in fields, learning from experts with first-hand experience.

Additionally, skills development workshops are commonly offered at job fairs to help support attendees. These workshops may include resume critiques, mock interviews, or hands-on workplace experiences.

Access to hidden job opportunities:

Companies that participate in job fairs can gain massive exposure and recognition from professionals in that industry.

Companies attending job fairs will promote job opportunities not advertised online, giving attendees a competitive advantage in the job market. Since many positions are filled through referrals, rather than online postings, job fairs are the ideal place for job seekers to land an interview!

Why use a job registration form?

A registration form is necessary for any job fair, whether in-person or virtual, to keep track of attendees and ensure a smooth, organized event.

Registration forms often contain sign-up fields where participants can enter their names and affiliations, ensuring that there is no confusion at the entrance! Job fair forms can also be useful for gathering demographic information on attendees.

Registration forms gather data like job status, industry, and background, providing organizers with valuable insights and trends. By requiring registration, organizers can track the number of attendees beforehand, ensuring they are well-prepared for the job fair.

To help you with your own job fair registration form, here are some of the most common form fields that you can use:

Single Choice

Single choice fields are a vital field for almost every job fair registration form. It allows respondents to choose from a set of answers, creating a quick and seamless registration experience.

As an example, if you want to categorize attendees by employer or job seeker, you could use the single-choice field to ask “Which of the following best describes you?“

Knowing whether your respondent is an employer or job seeker will help you better contextualize your data and let you understand the goals of the respondent

Long Text

To give respondents freedom over their answers, long-text fields are a great option for allowing a diverse set of responses.

Employers and job seekers alike can detail exactly what they want to say in the registration form, giving you more actionable data to ensure the event runs smoothly. A common long text question on a job fair registration form could be “Is there anything else you would like us to know ahead of time?”

This question allows respondents to notify organizers about concerns or ask for any accommodations ahead of time.

Short Text and Email

Short text and email fields are essential for gaining demographic insights and keeping track of contact information. Text fields are versatile as they can have a variety of uses such as asking how they discovered the job fair, what company they represent, or if they have attended one recently.

To learn more about the organizations that employers represent, you could ask a short text question such as “What company or organization will you be representing at the job fair?”.

Short answer questions can often be single-word responses such as a name or location

How to create your own job fair registration form.

Using Formaloo, it’s easy to create a stunning job registration form. Simply click on templates and find the curated job registration form template. Customize the form by adding fields, titles, and descriptions to match the needs of your event!

Formaloo templates

Once you have selected the job registration form template, you can choose from a variety of fields.

Create your custom job fair registration form

Trying to leave a lasting impression on respondents? Whether it’s background, button, field, or text colors, you can easily mix and match the registration form to create a unique look. Choose between classic form or one question at a time to dictate how attendees register for your event!

Design your own formaloo

Once you’ve finished editing your survey, click the view button and copy the link at the top.

Registration form view

To spread your form and start collecting data, paste your survey link to your Email or embed it on your Website.

Keeping up with registration forms is crucial for planning and accommodating unforeseen changes. Notifications are the perfect way to make sure that you always have the most up-to-date information to organize the best job fair possible.

Job Fair registration form

Creating a registration form automatically generates an app on your Formaloo to manage all your data effectively. The table of results tab organizes all responses and allows you to easily view answers to each question.

Results table of a job fair form

The charts and insights section allows you to visualize your data through colorful diagrams! Whether it’s pie charts, bar graphs, or line graphs, you can display your data however you want using Formaloo.

Job Fair charts

Job fairs and registration make connections easy!

Job fairs bring together talented job seekers and businesses looking for their next great hire. But how do you, as an organizer, make sure this connection happens smoothly? Registration is your key!

By using a registration system, you can gather valuable information about attendees beforehand, ensure a well-organized event, and even gain insights into hiring trends. Plus, with registration platforms like Formaloo, managing all this data becomes a breeze.

So, take the first step to a successful job fair – encourage registration! It’s a win-win for businesses seeking top talent and job seekers ready to land their dream job.

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Connect businesses to talent through job fair registration