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Meetings are essential for teamwork, decision-making, and moving forward in any organization. However, not all meetings are successful.


Inefficient use of time, unclear goals, and disinterested participants can reduce efficiency. This is where the role of meeting feedback surveys becomes crucial, to collect feedback for continuous improvement.

Faced with these problems, post-meeting feedback surveys become essential instruments for enhancement. Surveys after meetings give important feedback on what went well and what needs improvement.

Participants can give feedback on the meeting’s goals, helping, and topics discussed. This feedback helps organizers understand participants’ opinions and provides useful information for improving future meetings.

What is a meeting feedback survey?

A meeting feedback survey is a short questionnaire given after a meeting to collect honest opinions and feedback. It covers various aspects like the meeting’s agenda, flow, effectiveness, and overall value.

The evaluation typically includes questions about various aspects of the meeting. These questions evaluate how well the agenda worked, participant engagement, and overall satisfaction.

meeting feedback survey

Meeting feedback surveys provide organizers with valuable feedback to improve future meetings and enhance overall effectiveness.

Organizers can use this feedback to identify areas for improvement. They can then customize future meetings to better meet the needs of participants and team members.

Additionally, post-meeting feedback can ensure that everyone feels happy and accomplished during team meetings.

Why do we ask for opinions after meetings?

Meeting surveys have many benefits beyond just confirming information. These surveys offer several compelling reasons for their necessity.

Here’s why you should include them after your meetings.

1. Enhanced meeting effectiveness: Participant feedback helps organizers identify successes and areas for improvement.

You can make changes to make future meetings more efficient.

2. Improve participant engagement: Meeting Feedback Surveys let people share thoughts and opinions to encourage participation and engagement.

When we take participants’ opinions into account, they feel valued and become more engaged in the meeting.

3. Identify blind spots: Sometimes, meeting organizers can unknowingly miss crucial points or fail to cater to diverse perspectives. Feedback illuminates these blind spots, highlighting places to improve sharing information or involvement.

4. Data-driven decisions: Using feedback surveys for decision-making provides solid evidence, replacing assumptions and guesses for organizers.

This data-driven approach leads to more effective meetings and better outcomes.

5. Continuous improvement: Surveys help organizations improve by promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Organizers show their dedication to being excellent and flexible by always asking for feedback and taking necessary action. This proves that they prioritize meeting participants’ needs.

6. Increase collaboration dynamics: Feedback shows issues with communication, teamwork, or unequal participation.

Analyzing feedback helps create a more collaborative and inclusive environment for future meetings.

How to create a powerful meeting feedback survey with Formaloo

Formaloo helps you easily make effective surveys for meeting feedback. Here’s the process:

1. Access Formaloo’s platform

Log in to your Formaloo account or sign up for one if you haven’t already. Once logged in, navigate to the “+New formaloo” tab to begin creating your survey.

You can also Use pre-made templates. Formaloo has a wide range of editable meeting feedback survey forms. Select the option that matches your meeting style and goals, saving time and addressing all important aspects.

2. Personalize your meeting feedback survey

Formaloo’s user-friendly interface lets you effortlessly modify the ready-made template to suit your requirements.

Add, remove, or modify effective questions to capture feedback on topics crucial to your meeting’s success.

meeting feedback

Customize survey questions to gather the most important information for your meeting. Include questions about agenda, speaker, engagement, and satisfaction.

Formaloo offers different question types for surveys, like multiple-choice, star ratings, open-ended questions, and Likert scales. This helps collect both quantitative and qualitative data.

feedback survey

Personalize the survey with logos or colors to represent your organization’s identity.

3. Improve with logical jumps

Improve response time and flow with Formaloo’s conditional logic. Customize surveys based on participants’ initial answers, so they only answer relevant questions for their specific experience.

4. Publish and share you survey

Decide how to send the survey to meeting attendees. Formaloo provides different ways to share it, like sending a link, using social media, and embedding on a website.

Pick the channels that work best for your intended audience.

5. Monitor and analyze responses

After the survey starts, you can check the responses right away on Formaloo’s analytics dashboard. You can see how many people responded, analyze the feedback, and find areas to make better.

Formaloo’s reporting tools make it easy to analyze data and negative feedback. Create visual reports, spot trends, and get useful insights for future meetings.

Monitor and analyze responses

Share these ideas with your team to promote openness and create a culture of continuous growth.

Feedback surveys can show if there are problems with time management, goals, or participants’ interests. With this info, organizers can improve time management, set achievable goals, and engage participants effectively.

This can lead to better meetings, where we achieve goals, exchange ideas, and make decisions efficiently.

Pro tips:

Act upon feedback

Use survey feedback to make informed decisions and improve future meetings. Share the steps taken in response to feedback to show dedication to improvement.

Get anonymous feedback

Make a safe place for anonymous honest opinions. This helps people share their thoughts without worry, resulting in more useful and actionable insights.

Engage and reward

Encourage participation for rewarding contributions! Give rewards for surveys to increase response rates and show appreciation for participant input and meeting their feelings.

Essential questions for your meeting feedback survey

Simplify your feedback process with these questions to get valuable insights and drive improvement.

General meeting experience

Assess how satisfied and what participants think of the meeting, including their general impressions and feelings.

  1. Overall, how satisfied were you with this meeting? (Scale)
  2. Did this meeting meet your expectations? (Yes/No/Neutral)
  3. In a few words, describe your overall experience in this meeting. (Open-ended)
  4. How effectively did this meeting use your time? (Scale)
  5. On a scale of 1-10, how engaged were you throughout the meeting?

Agenda and objectives

Evaluate if the meeting agenda is effective and clear and if it meets participants’ expectations.

  1. Were the meeting objectives clear and communicated effectively? (Yes/No/Neutral)
  2. To what extent was the agenda followed? (Scale)
  3. Were the topics discussed relevant and valuable to you? (Yes/No/Neutral)
  4. Which topics can we remove or change?(Open-ended)
  5. Did you want to talk about anything else? (Open-ended)

Participation and collaboration

Assess how engaged and collaborative participants are in the meeting, and find ways to improve interaction and involvement.

  1. Did everyone have the opportunity to contribute their ideas? (Yes/No/Neutral)
  2. How well did the discussion leader handle the conversation? (Rating)
  3. How comfortable were you expressing your opinions in the meeting? (Scale)
  4. How can we improve participation and collaboration in future meetings? (Open-ended)

Action items and follow-up

Make sure you check if you have assigned and followed up on tasks.

Participants can provide additional comments, suggestions, or concerns to gather comprehensive feedback and obtain open-ended insights.

  1. Were clear action items assigned and communicated effectively? (Yes/No/Neutral)
  2. Do you feel confident about your understanding of your responsibilities and next steps? (Yes/No/Neutral)
  3. What resources or support would be helpful in achieving the action items? (Open-ended)
  4. How would you like to receive follow-up information from this meeting? (Multiple-choice/Open-ended)

Additional considerations

  • Tailor questions to the specific type and objectives of your meeting.
  • Use a mix of question formats (multiple-choice, Likert scale, open-ended) for diverse perspectives.
  • Keep the survey concise and avoid overwhelming participants.
  • Ask clear questions, to avoid any confusion.
  • Offer an optional space for additional feedback or suggestions.

Create a survey using important types of questions and best practices. This will help you collect valuable feedback after the meeting time. It will also improve your types of meetings and maximize their potential.

With Formaloo, you can make a meeting feedback survey to improve meetings and make participants happier.

Overall, meeting feedback surveys are invaluable tools for gathering insights and driving continuous improvement in meeting effectiveness.

Online surveys help organizations improve meetings and increase productivity by addressing issues like time management, goals, and participant engagement.

To improve your meetings, ask the right questions, listen to feedback, and take concrete steps.

With Formaloo’s tools and advice, you can create surveys for meeting feedback and employee feedback that give helpful data.

Start your journey towards effective meetings today with Formaloo’s powerful survey solutions! Sign up for free and follow us on our YouTube channel for more tips and tricks.

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