How Universities Use Formaloo to Engage With Students

During the past two years and during the COVID pandemic situation, Formaloo hosted many universities...


During the past two years and during the COVID pandemic situation, Formaloo hosted many universities and educational institutes. In this case study, we’ll explain how universities engage with students and empower their teachers with powerful online tools using Formaloo.

This is how Formaloo helped universities perform more effectively, especially during the pandemic situation:


Average Reduction in total costs compared to other solutions


Average Increase in students’ engagements


93% of students who use Formaloo in their education, perform better than before

The Challenge

Keep in touch with students, take online quizzes efficiently, and teach students using easy-to-use online tools. Universities need to engage with students and make sure the teacher-student interactions are taking place effectively.

Since the pandemic hit, almost all universities started to switch to online solutions. They need to keep engaged with students, hold teaching classes effectively and effortlessly, and organize and manage exams.

They needed to manage courses, subjects, and fields. Also, they wanted to be able to use the data generated online from students and teachers more efficiently. They also wanted to provide an easy way for teachers to have quick access to the quizzes, flashcards and learning forms.

Therefore, they chose to use Formaloo to create and manage online quizzes, teach effectively to students, and manage the data to evaluate the students and teachers more efficiently.

The Solution

Manage online quizzes, flashcards, and learning lessons having access control over each and also analyzing the teachers and students in a single platform.

Universities want to make sure students and teachers can communicate easily and effectively. They also want to measure the success of each student and each teacher. To ease the communication between teachers and students, they use Formaloo interactive quizzes, flashcards, and answer sheets.

Formaloo quizzes help them build interactive exams in which students have a limited amount of time to submit their answers. Formaloo quizzes also benefit from an automatic calculator that automatically evaluates and grades each answer.

Universities and teachers use Formaloo flashcards to create and manage tutorial flashcards that teach a specific subject. They also test students with quick questions between the flashcards.

Formaloo answer sheets help them teach important notes and subjects while taking quizzes. Universities and teachers use these answer sheets as an effective way of teaching.

Some universities who want to take quizzes on their own website built quizzes on Formaloo and embedded them into their website.

Also, universities use Formaloo forms to survey students for getting feedback and measuring the performance of each teacher.

Additionaly, Formaloo let universities manage the access of each teacher to the quizzes, flashcards, and answersheets. This helped the university manage the data collected in each of them and understand which students are performing better and which are not.

The Results

Using Formaloo, universities and teachers have been able to handle online tutorials more effectively. Formaloo lets students learn on their mobile on the go or on desktop at home. Teachers build these flashcards along with answer sheets to teach subjects more effectively. Also online Formaloo quizzes let teachers evaluate the growth of each student.

As a result of Formaloo AI and data analytics, universities have been able to measure the growth of students. Universities also build anonymous online surveys and feedback forms to collect more direct data and feed to Formaloo to provide more accurate analytics on each student.

“Without Formaloo, we couldn’t put all these online student-teacher interactions together this efficiently.” Says the manager of one of the universities using Formaloo.

Are you a teacher or university operative? Here’s your opportunity to organize your online engagements more effectively and efficiently.

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How Universities Use Formaloo to Engage With Students