Jotform vs. Formaloo – Meet the best Jotform alternative

In today’s digital world, forms are essential for businesses and organizations to collect and manage data. With the rise of online form builders, creating and publishing forms without coding skills has become easier than ever.


Jotform and Formaloo are two well-liked form builders that have drawn a lot of interest. Both solutions include comprehensive tools, templates, and integrations to assist users in quickly and efficiently creating forms. Nonetheless, given their many similarities, picking the platform that would best serve your company’s objectives can be difficult.

To assist you in making an informed choice, we will compare Formaloo and Jotform side by side as well as discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

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No-code App Builder:

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Jotform: The standard solution for your basic forms

Jotform is an online form builder that allows you to create and customize online forms for different purposes. With Jotform, you can design your forms from scratch or choose from pre-made templates.

As with most form builders, you can add elements to their forms, including fields, images, and videos. Please bear in mind that this creates a little disconnected experience because these options are available through a different menu within the “Themes” sidebar and open on a different page. That makes Jotform a less user-friendly solution.

Also, you may combine Jotform with your other tools, including payment gateways, email marketing programs, and CRMs.

Users may publish their forms via email or social media, embed them on their websites, and gather replies and data all in one place.

The drag-and-drop form creation process in JotForm is far from perfect. Yet, given that it hasn’t changed in more than a decade and was the norm for form builders, many people will recognize it (if not a bit outdated).

While Jotform does offer affordable pricing, some advanced features are only available on higher-tier plans. That makes it less convenient. Also, while Jotform provides a range of customization options, you may find the interface somewhat cluttered and challenging to navigate, limiting their ability to create fully custom forms.

Formaloo: The ultimate form and app builder for data management

Formaloo is far from being a basic form builder. It includes more advanced and innovative features to help you create, publish, and manage your forms without any coding skills.

Customize your forms, surveys, quizzes, and business apps and get a better user-friendly experience.
You can choose from hundreds of templates to get started. Add form elements and integrate your favorite tools to keep all your work in one place.

You may ask what sets Formaloo apart. Besides the extensive customization options, it provides advanced data management. It not only gives simple form responses, but you can organize the gathered data in charts, tables, and galleries.

The goal is to get in-depth insights into your data and enable you to make decisions to increase growth and improve your customers’ experience.

Whether you’re looking to conduct surveys, collect leads, or manage event registrations, Formaloo is the best form builder for all your data management needs.

Formaloo offers live-mode presentations where you can visualize form responses in real-time. It also provides various access levels that you can easily manage between your team members.

To make your formaloos white-labeled and consistent with your brand’s style and feel, you can build custom domains and emails.

Learn more about how to set custom domains and domain white-labeling.

Your forms can be easily embedded on your website, sent via email, shared on social media, or even used to build interactive, personalized chatbots.

Formaloo custom ordering app

Revolutionize your forms and build custom business apps with Formaloo

Users can customize their forms and surveys with Formaloo’s special customization features so that they are suitable for their needs. Formaloo also offers a customizable app builder that helps you build internal tools and manage your team in one place.

As an example of how Formaloo makes your survey more interactive, you can view the replies in real time using live-mode presentations. Additionally, it offers several access levels that you can easily collaborate with your team members.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that make Formaloo stand apart from the crowd.

Fully customizable forms and business apps

Formaloo is a flexible platform that gives users the ability to completely customize their forms and apps, providing their clients with a polished and one-of-a-kind experience.

With Formaloo, you can customize your forms to meet your needs by selecting from a variety of question types. To make your forms more interactive, you may also include sophisticated logic and calculators, create your own conditions, and show and hide questions based on prior responses from visitors.

Find out more about creating forms using calculators and logic.

You can customize your formaloos from the design tab of the form editor. Here you can choose color themes or select individual colors for text and backgrounds.

The key to a better target reach and engagement is consistency. That is why Formaloo gives you the opportunity to customize your email notifications to match the tone and language of your brand.

You also have complete control over your brand identity and online appearance as you can completely design your forms and workspace domains.

Whether you’re developing a straightforward registration form or a sophisticated app, Formaloo provides all the tools you require to give your customers a polished and engaging online experience.

Build your own apps, CRMs, portals, and chatbots

Formaloo stands out from its competitors, such as Jotform, by allowing users to build custom business apps with kanban boards, task management, employee management, etc.

With Formaloo, businesses can create custom CRMs that fit their unique needs, allowing for simplified communication and management of customer interactions.

Besides, Formaloo allows businesses to build membership-only portals, delivering exclusive access to valuable customer resources. The chatbot feature lets you get immediate customer feedback directly on their websites, improving the overall user experience. This comprehensive suite of tools enables businesses to manage their operations efficiently and effectively, all in one place.

Formaloo empowers businesses of all sizes to create fully customized solutions tailored to their unique needs, giving them a competitive edge in the market. You can build powerful, customized apps with Formaloo that optimize your company’s operations and give your clients a positive user experience.

How to choose the best form builder for your business?

It is evident from a comparison of Formaloo vs Jotform that each tool has advantages and disadvantages.

Although Jotform is a reputable platform with an easy-to-use design, the free version has restrictions and is lacking in advanced features.

Formaloo, on the other hand, provides more customization, automation, and data management flexibility, making it the perfect option for companies and organizations needing more sophisticated features.

Formaloo is the way to go if you’re searching for a form builder that gives you more control over your data and customization possibilities. It’s an excellent option for organizations of all kinds thanks to its robust automation, sophisticated data analytics, and configurable layouts.

While Formaloo offers a comprehensive solution for businesses trying to streamline their data collecting and administration operations, Jotform can be appropriate for smaller firms with minimal needs.

In conclusion, Formaloo is a better option if you’re searching for a powerful and adaptable form builder that provides cutting-edge features and analytics.

Making the switch from Jotform to Formaloo is simple and doesn’t involve starting from scratch. Make sure there is no data loss throughout the changeover. You simply need to export your data to an Excel or Google sheet and import it into Formaloo. Even better, you can set up a two-way sync with Google Sheets so that your data is automatically updated in both applications.

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Jotform vs. Formaloo – Meet the best Jotform alternative