5 steps to add login and sign up to your no code app

5 steps to add login and sign up to your no code app

Here are the exact steps you should take to add login and sign up to your custom app with no code and turn your app into a portal in a few clicks.

Watch the following video to see how it works, or continue reading for a step-by-step tutorial on adding a login and signup to your no-code app.

1. Prepare your app

Start with these ready-to-customize templates or create your application from scratch. You can also import your tables from Excel sheets and then customize your app. Learn more about how to create an application without needing to code.

2. Add login and signup to your no-code app

Now let’s add login and signup to your custom app. In your app, go to the “App Settings” page and enable the portal mode. This creates a “Users” page above your menu items.

3. Create and customize the users’ table in your portal

Now it’s time to create your users’ table. Go to the Users page and click the New table. If you have already created User tables before, they will be visible here, and you can choose them instead of creating a new one.

If you choose an existing Users table, that table’s users can log in to your app with the same login credentials. This enables you to add the same login and signup table to more than one no-code app and create a simple single-sign-on (SSO) table for your portal.

To edit the Users table, you can edit its formaloo from your Formaloo dashboard or go to the Users page of your app and click the “Edit Form” button above the table.

4. Switch the table of users on your portal

You can switch the Users table by opening your app from your Formaloo dashboard and clicking the “Change Users table” button. Then from the list, you can choose a new table or create a new Users table from scratch.

The Users tables have some mandatory fields, like email, and some admin-only fields, like Role. The Role field allows you to create different user access levels and define which Roles have access to which pages. Following, you can see how to do this.

Add new roles to your no-code portal’s Users table

Edit the Users table from the app’s Users page or your dashboard. Then click on the Roles field, add your custom roles, and save your changes.

Add new roles to your no-code portal's Users table

5. Restrict access to your no-code app’s pages

First, edit your app in your dashboard to restrict access to your app’s pages. Then from the left menu, click on the page you want to restrict access to. Select the settings icon from the top right side of the opened page. There you can change the visibility of the page.

Here is a list of all visibility options and what they mean:

  • Public: By default, all pages are visible to the public.
  • Non Logged in users: Only users who aren’t logged in will see the page. It’s especially useful when you want to include some helpful guides and pages for non-users that aren’t relevant to the logged-in users.
  • Logged-in users: Only users who are logged in can view the page with this visibility config.
  • Specific user access levels: Make the page only available for specific user roles. When you choose this option, another option will show up so you can choose the roles that can access the page.
  • All team members: Only your workspace team members can access the app.
  • Specific team access levels: Only workspace team members with specific roles can access the page. When you choose this option, another option will show up so you can choose the roles.
choose which pages are visible to which user role in your no-code portal

How can users sign up for your no code app

When you share your app’s public link with your users, they can sign up for the app and use the pages they have access. Also, you can add users manually by going to the app from your dashboard and clicking on the “Add row” button above your users’ table on the Users page.


That’s it! Now the users of your no-code portal app will only be able to access the pages that you’ve specified for their particular Role.

In this tutorial, we went through the steps to add login and sign up to your app with no code. The login/signup feature in Formaloo allows you to create portals powered by your data and access-controlled for different roles in your organization.

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