How to add lessons to your custom learning app without code

How to add lessons to your custom learning app without code

From concept to launch, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of creating a successful custom learning app with Formaloo!

Get ready to revolutionize how your audience learns with our tips for creating an engaging and effective learning app.

You can add lessons and different parts of your course to your app for education on Formaloo and make it customize and unique!

If you’re short on time, using a template can be a quick and easy way to get started. Use for teaching apps, adult learning apps, education apps for students, and different course apps.

You can learn more about how to create a web App without any code. But, on the other hand, you’ll have the flexibility to customize it.

This article will take you through building a free learning app and adding your lessons from scratch, starting with the initial planning and design phase and ending with the final launch.

Start using this magic-free learning app builder!

1- Make your first page and lessons of the app maker

The first step in building a learning app is to create the structure and layout of your course apps. This includes designing the look and feel of your app and the content and organization of your lessons.

To start, create your first page and lessons as forms in Formaloo. Then, use the design tools to customize the look of your app. Add educational content to your lessons or import content from other sources. It’s better to create a folder on your dashboard and put your app’s forms inside.

In our example, this template has nine formaloos:

App’s first page, Approach & perspective, six forms for lessons, and the final part as Notes & feedback.

Each form is designed with different features making forms in Formaloo. For example, you can make a Single step or Multi-step form and other fields.

There are many Tutorials on Formaloo’s YouTube channel to learn how to make and customize your form.

Now click on your first page to start adding your lessons. And see how easily the best teaching app works in the following steps.

2- Add lessons to your custom learning app’s menu

Click the “App builder” button to see your form in App view.

free educational app builder without coding

Now click the “Edit App” button to add lessons to your learning app.

free educational app maker for students without coding

Click the “+Add Page” button to add a field to your menu: Custom Link, Sub Menu, or Block.

In our example, we added each lesson as a Sub Menu. For each Sub Menu, we added the related form as a Block under it.

Click on Block, and choose your title and your related forms. You can choose which fields you want to be shown in your app. Now submit it!

learning apps for adults

3- Add video, pictures, PDF, and presentation to your learning app

One of the great benefits of creating a learning app is the ability to add multimedia elements. Add videos, pictures, and PDF files to your lessons. Make your lessons more engaging and interactive. Provide additional information and resources for your users.

To add media to your lessons, click the “Edit” button in Formaloo and choose the type of media you want to add. Now upload or link to the media file from your computer or the internet. Be sure to include text and other interactive elements in your lessons to provide context and guidance for your users.

Open your form, go to “Edit,” and by adding the Section field, you can add a pdf or any file you want to be downloaded by users on your course app builder.

Choose the Video field to add the link or upload your video from your computer.

For Adding pictures, you can add a Section field and upload your pictures there.

By including a CSAT field in your forms, you can quickly gather feedback and insights from your users about their experience with your app and rating. A CSAT field can help you understand what your users like and what they’d like to see improved. You can make data-driven decisions to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your learning app.

You can share the presentation link with your audience or embed it into your forms.

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Building a learning app can be a successful and impactful way to engage and educate your audience. By following the steps outlined in this article and leveraging the tools available, create a learning app that meets users’ needs. It helps you achieve your goals with this best free app builder.

Whether you use a template or build your app from scratch, remember to stay up to date with the latest features and seek feedback and improvement.

If you have any questions, check out Formaloo’s support page to find ways you can contact us.

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