What's new in Formaloo - March 2022

What’s New in Formaloo: March 2022

Each month, we like to showcase some of the new features we’re adding to Formaloo to make our platform more accessible, more intuitive, and more powerful. Let’s head on to this month’s what’s new in Formaloo.

This month too, we’ve got three improvements to share. Read on—or watch this two-minute for the breakdown.

Email Verification Field 📨

You can now verify your audience via email. Also, if you make this field “Required” you can restrict form submission to verifying the email address before submitting. This tutorial shows you how to leverage this field.

email verification field
Try the Email Verification Field

Signature Field ✍️

We already had the signature field in Formaloo’s Android app. But now, you can use it on the web too. The signature field lets your audience sign your forms and documents.

signature field
Try it yourself!

Paypal Integration 💳

You can now connect your PayPal to your formaloos. You can create as many payment methods as you wish and connect them to your apps and forms. We’ve updated the payment methods tutorial with PayPal’s connection.

Paypal integration on order form
Learn how to connect your PayPal

Multiple Currencies

You can now customize your formaloo’s currency. Just open the Calculator and choose the currency. Your product fields and automatic pricing calculations will be in that currency.

Multiple currencies on order form
Customize your formaloo’s currency

Custom CSS and JS

Using the custom CSS and custom JS features, you can customize the look of your form and also add your Google Analytics tags to your form’s webpage. This tutorial will show you how to use the custom CSS and JS features.

Custom CSS on forms
Find your custom style here

Import Forms and Responses

It’s now super easy to import your forms and responses using an Excel file. This example file helps you prepare your import Excel file.

Import forms and responses
How to import forms and responses

Email Forwarder

This feature lets you receive multiple email notifications when someone submits your formaloos.

Email forwarder
Try out the email forwarder

Tip of the month: How to build an online polling tool – step by step

You can build an online polling tool to find the best time to meet. Formaloo gives you the power of live polls so you can see the changes on a shared public page live.

Formaloo gives you the flexibility to schedule all your meetings, regardless of how many people attend. You can create a poll with the following guide, add your potential time options, and send it out to your guests to find the best time for a meeting.

That’s it for this month. As always, thanks for reading along. We’ll be back next month with even more new features to help you get the most out of your forms. Until then, happy Formaloo-ing!

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