How to improve remote employee engagement

Due to digital connectivity and changing workplace dynamics, remote work is now a crucial part of modern professional life.


Due to digital connectivity and changing workplace dynamics, remote work is now a crucial part of modern professional life.

Remote work has benefits but also challenges, like lower employee engagement. Achieving and maintaining employee engagement requires continuous feedback and improvement efforts — even under normal conditions.

As more people work from home, it’s important to keep remote employees engaged. This cannot be easy because the challenges they face often differ from those in traditional workplaces.

This article discusses the difficulties of engaging remote employees. It also offers helpful advice for employers and leaders on how to connect with their virtual teams. We will explore the key elements of a vibrant and engaged remote workforce.

Why does remote workers’ engagement matter?

Remote employee engagement is crucial for the success of both employees and the company. Here is why:

  1. Getting more work done: Engaging your remote employees increases productivity and helps them deliver higher-quality work. When employees feel connected to their work and colleagues, they are motivated to perform at their best.
  2. Staying with the team: A strong sense of engagement contributes to employee satisfaction, reducing the likelihood of turnover. Remote employees who feel valued and connected to their team and organization will probably stay with the company.
  3. Working together and being creative: When people collaborate and exchange ideas, they can solve problems and propose innovative solutions.
  4. Feeling happy at work: If you enjoy what you do and feel connected to the people you work with, it makes you happy. Engaged employees are happy employees, and when people are happy, they do their jobs well.
  5. Handling changes better: Engaged workers tend to be more adaptable and better equipped to handle unexpected problems. They possess a high level of flexibility and can easily adjust to changes in their environment.
  6. Making customers happy: When you enjoy your job, you’re more likely to perform well, resulting in more satisfied customers.
  7. Growing skills: Engaged employees invest in their personal and professional growth. Remote employee engagement initiatives can include opportunities for skill development, training, and mentorship, contributing to the continuous improvement of the workforce.

6 tips to improve remote employee engagement

A strong company culture is created by shared values and a feeling of belonging, similar to a regular office. In a virtual workplace, it’s crucial to make intentional efforts to help remote staff feel fully part of the team.

Here are some ways to maintain your company culture and make your virtual staff feel like they are a part of the team.

1- Define clear goals and expectations

Setting clear expectations is the cornerstone of successful remote work. In the absence of physical oversight, it becomes crucial to establish specific performance expectations for remote employees.

Managers can set clear expectations for work tasks to ensure success since they can’t constantly monitor employees.

Regular check-ins are important for managers to help remote employees with questions, problems, and feedback.

With Formaloo, employers can leverage customizable templates that precisely outline tasks, objectives, and performance metrics. These forms and app templates ensure remote employees understand their roles and responsibilities clearly.

Formaloo’s performance evaluation templates offer an efficient and structured approach to feedback, empowering managers to facilitate transparent communication and goal alignment. This results in a positive and thriving virtual work environment for organizations.

2- Embrace flexibility for a balanced life

Finding balance in remote work is crucial for happy and highly engaged employees. This is very true when our offices become our homes, mixing family life and work duties.

Working from home means dealing with new distractions, like kids learning from home and spouses sharing the workspace. For those with school-aged children, things can get a bit more complex. They need flexibility to juggle between helping their kids with schoolwork and managing their job.

The key to reducing stress and keeping everyone engaged is simple: be flexible. Adjust work schedules to accommodate the challenges employees face at home. Organizations create a supportive environment for work-life balance, leading to happier and more engaged teams.

3- Prioritize continuous communication and active listening

Remote employee engagement can falter due to a weakening connection to the organization. Maintaining communication and active listening to employees is crucial in strengthening this connection.

Formaloo offers a structured and organized approach for team members to express their thoughts through surveys. It offers customizable employee satisfaction and feedback surveys, providing a tailored approach to gathering valuable insights from your team.

Formaloo automatically generates reports in tables, charts, and boards after collecting feedback. The reports provide a detailed and analytical summary of the team’s emotions. This helps management gain insight into what is working and what is not.

Formaloo helps teams collect feedback, monitor progress, and make data-based decisions for a happier and more efficient workforce.

Beyond surveys, Formaloo seamlessly integrates with communication channels, ensuring a continuous flow of information. The tool helps managers collaborate and strategize using valuable insights from reports.

Working together, feedback can make a big impact, creating an environment where everyone’s ideas are valued.

4- Optimize virtual meetings for efficiency

Efficiency in virtual meetings is paramount, especially when considering the challenges remote workers face. Many have experienced unnecessarily lengthy meetings that can be particularly draining online.

Virtual meetings differ significantly from in-person gatherings. Participants are not in a controlled office environment, making it harder to minimize disruptions. Home environments often have additional distractions like children, pets, and other interruptions.

The online format can be more mentally taxing, requiring heightened focus and extra effort to ignore distractions.

Long meetings are difficult for people to focus on and take away time from important tasks. This can cause stress for individuals who are trying to balance work and caregiving responsibilities.

To optimize virtual meetings for efficiency:

  1. Keep it short: Shorter meetings relieve the time pressure on employees, reducing stress levels and improving engagement.
  2. Have a clear agenda: A well-defined agenda sets expectations and helps participants prepare. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, making the meeting more focused and efficient.
  3. Share the schedule beforehand: Giving the schedule in advance helps people get ready and have better discussions.

Formaloo can significantly help you optimize your online meetings. Use templates specifically designed for meeting invitations and scheduling. This ensures that communication is clear, and participants are well-prepared.

5- Promote effortless collaboration for remote team success

In remote work, promoting seamless collaboration is crucial for effective teamwork. Allocate specific time slots for team members to engage in discussions and address challenges collaboratively.

Leverage virtual breakout rooms during team meetings to facilitate smaller group brainstorming sessions. These intentional efforts improve work quality and strengthen the connection among team members, cultivating a sense of unity.

This increased connection positively influences employee engagement, as individuals feel more invested in their work. Formaloo supports collaborative initiatives by providing a platform for structured communication, shared project management, and real-time collaboration.

Formaloo keeps remote teams connected, engaged, and productive by offering simultaneous work and access management with different levels.

6- Recognize and celebrate achievements

In remote work, recognizing and celebrating achievements is essential for maintaining motivation. Regularly acknowledge individual and team accomplishments, fostering a culture of appreciation.

Whether through virtual shout-outs or dedicated channels for celebrations, these gestures create a positive work environment. Celebrating milestones boosts confidence and reinforces a sense of accomplishment.

Formaloo helps create apps and boards to showcase your team’s accomplishments, promoting a culture of recognition.

For instance, employees can input information about successful project completions, outstanding contributions, or personal milestones. You can add a brief description, images, or even share documents to show the achievements.

Team members can easily use and add to this shared board. This helps the team stay strong and happy. It allows them to recognize and celebrate each other.

Engage your remote employees with Formaloo.

Although you may be working from home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your remote employee engaged. There are many strategies that you can employ to ensure that your remote team remains engaged.

You just need to find the right one that works for you. Start by studying your company’s culture, identifying areas for better employee involvement, and implementing these strategies to get started.

Ensure seamless connectivity with the right tools, fostering a sense of belonging regardless of location.

Ready to transform your remote work experience? Sign up for free and let Formaloo help you drive engagement, collaboration, and celebrate achievements.

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How to improve remote employee engagement