How to build web applications without coding

Until recently, only developers with advanced coding abilities were capable of creating web applications. No-code tools are useful in such instances.

Without writing a single line of code, no-code platforms like Formaloo help you transform what you already have (like spreadsheets and product listings) into professional-grade online applications in only a few minutes and a few clicks.

We’ll walk you through creating a no-code web app from beginning to end in this guide, showing how simple it is to share your brilliant idea.

From data collection to analytics: 3 Web applications ideas you can build with Formaloo

Businesses gather, analyze, and use data to make wise decisions. Data management, however, may be a difficult task, particularly without the proper tools and resources.

Web applications are helpful in this situation. Web apps are now the go-to choice for businesses of all sizes because they can automate collecting data, organize it effectively, and provide insightful analytics.

Using Formaloo, a powerful data management platform, you may create a variety of web applications, from data gathering to analytics.

1- Build your own custom CRM

There are several advantages to creating your own unique CRM, or customer relationship management system, for organizations of all sizes.

CRM is a tool that helps companies in managing their relationships and interactions with prospects and customers. You can manage and analyze customer data, automate sales and marketing procedures, and give your clients personalized services by creating a custom CRM that is adapted to their particular needs and requirements. 

Web application template - custom CRM

Additionally, compared to off-the-shelf options, custom CRMs are more flexible and scalable. Formaloo allows you to add or remove features as necessary, integrate with other applications, and automate your sales and marketing processes

Learn more about how to create a custom CRM with Formlaoo.

2- Create your project management tools

With Formaloo, companies can design their own project management tools that are tailored to their particular requirements. 

You can quickly create and deploy project workflows, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress in real-time. Businesses can expedite their project management procedures while improving collaboration and teamwork among team members by sharing access with different levels.

You can easily create and customize workflows so you can quickly change their procedures to match shifting project requirements.

In addition, Formaloo provides data analysis and reporting tools that help you analyze the success of projects and pinpoint areas for development.

3- Customize your own learning app

Giving your audience personalized and engaging educational experiences is an excellent way to engage their interest in learning. 

To help your students memorize the lessons, you can easily add more courses and create personalized quizzes with answer sheets using Formaloo. 

Using conditional logic, you may create a quiz that assesses users’ knowledge of the topic matter. The quizzes can be customized to reflect the learner’s development and level of understanding, providing a personalized learning environment. 

Custom learning app template

With Formaloo’s user-friendly interface, you can create and manage the content for your app, making it simple to update and add new content as needed. You might create an engaging learning application for your users that will help them achieve their goals.

A step-by-step guide to building your custom web applications with Formaloo

You can build complicated interactive forms that help you quickly gather and manage data using Formaloo’s logic and calculator tools.

You can effortlessly link the information gathered in your forms to your custom-built app with Formaloo’s app builder, giving your audience a customized user experience.

Additionally, the app builder for Formaloo allows you to visualize your data using a variety of views, including tables, graphs, and charts, which makes it simpler to understand and analyze your data.

Formaloo offers a collaborative workspace where your team may work together to manage and analyze the gathered data in addition to these functionalities. This workspace is perfect for teams working on research since it enables you to share results, collaborate on reports, and measure progress.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create your custom web app with Formaloo.

Customize your formaloos

You can choose from 200+ pre-designed templates or start from scratch to create a fully customized form.

To design a custom form that captures the essence of your company, include your logo, change the color scheme, and customize the layout. To create dynamic, interactive forms that can respond to user input, you can use Formaloo’s logic and calculator features.

These features let you build conditional fields, calculate values, and even show or hide specific form fields depending on the user’s prior inputs.

There are different types of questions you can add like multiple-choice, single-choice, tables, and rating scales.

Create your custom web app

You can mix and match forms, links, charts, tables, and many other view types using the Formaloo web app builder. 

You can combine the data from many forms to create your application. It’s ideal to group all of these formaloos into one folder for organization. 

There is a web app associated with each formaloo. You can decide which of your forms you want to base your app on. Simply click on it and choose “Edit App” from the menu that appears. You can add menus and change the app.

Edit your web app

Each menu may include groups, links, and data blocks. The user is directed to a certain URL through a menu link. While data blocks are pages that display your data in Kanban boards, galleries, forms, tables, and charts.

The form view shows your formaloo as a form. The table view shows your data in a table. You can filter your data, search through it, and hide the columns you don’t want to be visible. You can also save the filtered data into a new table. 

The chart view shows your data in charts. You can choose to show diagrams for specific fields of your data table. Or show charts for all fields that contain reportable data. 

Your data is shown as a gallery of cards in a grid layout. Furthermore, the Kanban board organizes your data into cards that are shown in several columns. The goal is to clearly show the overall workflow and the status of each individual item. By clicking on a card’s title, you can change that card. Or add fresh data rows right there. 

Learn how to create advanced charts.

Collaborate with your team members

The Formaloo workplace allows you and your team to collaborate. You can control who has access to what data using access management and data security.

By selecting the workspace members option from the menu next to your profile sign, you can quickly add team members to your workspace. Once you have their email addresses, invite them to your workspace by sending them a link.

If you don’t share your folders and forms with your team members after adding them to your workspace, they won’t have access. Right-click a folder or formaloo and choose “Access management” if you want to share it with someone. 

On the just opened screen, select the person’s email address and access level, then click “Add” to save the changes.

Manage your team's access levels

Share your web app

Go to the app’s settings and turn on the public view option if you want to share an app with the public. Share the public URL with your audience after you’ve saved your edits.

The subdomain of the URLs for your apps and forms is editable. Use the menu located beneath your profile symbol to access the Workspace settings page. Additionally, you can define a custom domain for your entire workplace there.

Custom domain on web application

You can acquire your iframe code from the app settings menu item or by using an iframe code to embed your app on your website.

Building custom Web Applications that deliver results

To sum up, Formaloo offers an excellent basis for creating user-friendly, dynamic, and interactive web apps. You can create custom web applications that support your company’s goals and provide an excellent user interface. 

You can create interactive forms and quizzes that respond to user input using Formaloo’s Logic and Calculator features, and its app builder enables you to connect and organize data and visualize it using various views. Formaloo makes it simple to convert your web-based application into a mobile app for better reach.

So, don’t wait any longer, sign up for Formaloo today, and start creating your next web app!

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