Hungry for happy employees? menu poll is the answer

Picture this: You arrive at work energized, greeted not just by friendly faces, but by the delicious smell of your favorite breakfast burrito waiting for you in the breakroom. However, that wasn’t a lucky coincidence, but your choice on the menu poll you filled out before.


Any HR professional prioritizes employee engagement and satisfaction, but they often overlook food preferences. Yet, research shows a happy stomach fuels a happy employee. That’s where menu polls become heroes.

This blog explains how menu polls can greatly improve the work environment and make it more fulfilling.

Understanding menu polls

A menu poll is a tool used by HR to gather information about employees’ food preferences and dietary needs.

It helps HR determine what types of food employees like and if they have any specific dietary requirements. HR can learn about their employees’ food preferences and cultural considerations by conducting a poll with specific questions.

Why menu polls are essential

Asking employees what they want to eat with smart surveys can seriously improve office meals, lunches, buffet menus, and snacks.

It’s not just about delicious food (though that helps!), it’s about making people feel good. When employees feel listened to and respected, like their dietary needs matter, they feel more connected and valued. It directly affects the employee satisfaction levels.

Is everyone at the table?

In today’s diverse workplace, people eat differently for cultural, allergy, or personal reasons.

By asking everyone what they like, you can make sure everyone feels welcome and included at mealtimes. Imagine delicious vegan options or food that respects religious needs.

Minimizing waste

Once you have figured out what your employees want to eat, you will minimize food waste and also your expenses.

Making healthy decisions

Prioritizing employee well-being is essential. Menu polls help HR teams promote healthy eating with nutritious and balanced options.

This leads to better physical health and creates a healthy work environment, resulting in happier and more engaged employees.

What questions to include in the menu poll

Collecting meaningful data from menu polls requires strategic questioning. Here are some essential topics to cover and survey question ideas.

Dietary needs:

  • Restrictions & allergies: Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies we should be aware of?
  • Meal preferences: Do you prefer vegetarian, vegan, or non-vegetarian options?
  • Health-conscious choices: Do you have any dietary preferences related to health, such as low-carb or gluten-free?

Taste & style:

  • Favorite cuisine: What types of cuisine do you enjoy the most?
  • Cultural considerations: Are there any cultural or ethnic foods you’d like to see included?
  • Beverage choices: What are your preferred beverages, including non-alcoholic options?
  • Snack preferences: What types of snacks would you like available in the office pantry?

Event focus:

  • Celebrations & Gatherings: What types of food would you prefer at office events or celebrations?

Remember, effective communication involves understanding your audience. Consider tailoring the questions to your specific company culture and workforce demographics.

Additional tips:

  • Offer multiple answer options and open-ended fields for specific feedback.
  • Clearly explain how the data will be used.
  • Express appreciation for participation and acknowledge employee preferences.

Create the menu poll with Formaloo

Once you have all your priorities written out and ready to gather data, you will need the best tool to create one. We already have an answer for you – it’s Formaloo. Here’s why:

Aside from having a no-code platform with an easy-to-use interface, Formaloo allows for effective feedback gathering. If you choose to receive a notification when the survey is done, you can make changes to your plan right away. It’s the best way to stay on track.

Sharing is caring and it’s the same for food and insights too. You can share survey results with as many team members as you wish. Whether it’s fellow team members, chiefs, or food catering facilities.

You can customize the survey to match your company’s brand and personalization preferences, which is a great feature. This allows you to have a coherent design for your various surveys.

You can make a survey from scratch or pick from our template gallery with over 200 ready-made templates.

How to create a menu poll with Formaloo

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you. Let’s get started on creating your survey.

Step 1: Starting with a blank form

To begin, go to your dashboard, select “+ New Formaloo,” then “New Form.” This action will open a blank form where you can begin adding your content.

Simply click on “+ Add field” to explore a variety of question types and features that will enrich your survey.

Step 2: Adding content and fields

To add content to your survey, click on “+ Add field” to reveal various features. Here’s what you can include and why:

  • Score 0-10 field: Perfect for numerical ratings, such as satisfaction levels, providing a clear evaluation metric.
  • Single/Multi-choice field: Suitable for simple questions with predefined answers, facilitating easy analysis.
Adding content and fields to your menu poll
  • CSAT field: Measures satisfaction in a user-friendly manner, with options to use emojis for enhanced display.
  • Long text field: Ideal for collecting detailed and personal responses from participants.
  • Dropdown field: It’s helpful for respondents to select from a predetermined list, ensuring consistency and organization.
  • Yes/No Field: Enables quick and precise insights.
  • Like/Dislike field: Provides insights without requiring elaborate explanations.
CSAT field

Step 3: Customizing design & colors

Tailoring the survey’s design to match your organization’s branding, incorporating logos and colors, is crucial for maintaining a cohesive and professional appearance. This personalized approach fosters trust and familiarity among participants, ensuring alignment with your organization’s identity.

Customizing design & colors of the menu poll

Formaloo offers comprehensive customization options to suit your preferences and brand image.

Step 4: Publishing and sharing your survey

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, it’s time to share your survey and collect responses. Share the survey link to gather feedback promptly.

Beyond surveys: create a happy work environment

Surveys are powerful tools, however, improving employee satisfaction requires more effort. Here’s how HR departments can go beyond menu polls and improve workplace experience:

Tailored meals

Use menu poll responses to create personalized meal plans that cater to individual dietary preferences. This shows consideration for diverse eating habits and makes everyone feel included.

Healthy eating

Health and safety is a priority for any organization. Add wellness programs to food choices. Offer balanced meals, and educational sessions on nutrition, and collaborate with experts like nutritionists. A healthy team is a happy and productive one.

Feedback matters

Create ways for employees to share their thoughts. It can be done by frequently using polls and surveys to gather their ideas, preferences, or thoughts. This helps them feel heard and ensures continuous improvement.

Embracing differences

Beyond just food, celebrate diverse cultures. Include various cuisines and customs in-office events to honor different backgrounds and promote diversity. This will make sure that everyone feels comfortable.

Culture events

If your employees come from different cultures, having team events for culture nights can unite your team. This will also give them a chance to embrace their culture and introduce pieces of themselves to their colleagues.

HR can go beyond focusing on tasks. They can create an environment where all employees feel appreciated, respected, and well taken care of.

Now that you’re convinced that menu polls are a crucial element for having happy employees, sign up with Formaloo and start building better surveys today! Follow us on our YouTube channel for more useful tips and tricks.

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Hungry for happy employees? menu poll is the answer