Formstack or Formaloo? A comprehensive comparison

In today’s digital age, businesses rely more on online forms to collect customer information, process payments, and automate workflows.


With various form builders available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your organization. Two popular choices are Formaloo and Formstack.

Both platforms offer features to help businesses create, manage, and automate forms without code.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Formaloo and Formstack, comparing their key features and functionalities to help you decide which platform fits better your business needs.

Comparison chart of Formstack and Formaloo


Forms, quizzes, and surveys:

Sharing & collaboration:

No-code App Builder:

Formstack: Accelerate your business with workflow solutions

You can build and manage online forms with Formstack, a cloud-based software program that also automates company procedures.

Formstack’s drag-and-drop builder and user-friendly UI make it simple for users to create custom forms for a variety of use cases, including taking payments, gathering leads, conducting surveys, and much more.

Conditional logic, multi-page forms, and interfaces with additional software tools are additional advanced features that Formstack provides.

Although Formstack has many useful capabilities for designing and managing online forms, there are a few drawbacks to take into account.

The cost of Formstack is one of its biggest flaws. Particularly for firms with a significant volume of form submissions or many users, the software can be rather pricey.

For instance, the Bronze plan restricts you to a maximum of five forms, doesn’t enable unique branding, and only lets you keep up to 700 responses per form. To use the HubSpot integration, you would need to upgrade to the Gold plan, and only Platinum users may make use of the Salesforce integration. The most forms you can generate is 1,000 for the Platinum plan, which applies to all plans.

Furthermore, Formstack provides a lot of customization choices, some users could find the platform to be restrictive in terms of branding and style. For instance, you may not be able to change the layout or style of your forms to reflect your brand even though you can change the colors and fonts of your forms.

More than 300 templates are available on Formstack in categories like sales, lead generation, education, and healthcare.
Yet, there are only 42 templates available when you begin to build a fresh form in the builder. Because the template chooser only displays the most popular templates, so claims the Formstack support staff.

Formaloo: The secret to building user-friendly online forms with advanced features

Formaloo is a highly customizable online form builder created to assist businesses in producing top-notch forms that are specific to their requirements.
Users can build forms with a variety of question types, including text, multiple-choice, single-choice, tables, and rating scales, thanks to its user-friendly editor.

It is simple to create a form that is professional and consistent with your brand with Formaloo’s form design customization features, which include the ability to incorporate images, videos, and logos.

Discover how to further customize your forms.

Users can alter the appearance and feel of their forms with the help of Formaloo’s domain customization and white labeling features. Additionally, Formaloo gives users the option to create email templates that suit business requirements and customize email notifications to match their branding and messaging.

With options for filtering, segmenting, and exporting, Formaloo’s extensive data analysis features include an accessible dashboard that lets you track and analyze the information gathered from your forms. Businesses can use this tool to better understand their audience and make data-driven decisions.

Monitor projects' progress through reports and dashboards

To track and recover lost leads, understand the reasons for their disengagement, and identify user behavior patterns, it is also possible to enable partial submissions.

Moreover, Formaloo offers advanced logic and calculation options that let you build complex and dynamic forms, such as order and calculation forms.

A form builder is simply one aspect of Formaloo. You may construct your own company apps, portals, and CRMs without any coding.

Your ultimate form and app builder

Formaloo is a complete form and app builder that provides a number of features to assist users in building unique apps without coding knowledge.

Anyone can easily design, develop, and deploy a custom app thanks to its user-friendly interface. Many themes, widgets, and pre-made components are available from Formaloo. Even better, you may create chatbots and put them on your website.

Find out how to use Formaloo to create a chatbot.

You can build aesthetically appealing designs and layouts for your apps and forms using Formaloo’s drag-and-drop editor.

Web portals, CRMs, and other business applications can also be created. It is simpler to develop web-based applications that match your company’s demands because of Formaloo’s versatility and customization choices.

With the help of Formaloo’s portal builder, you can design portals that have cutting-edge capabilities like user authentication, data management, and sophisticated reporting. With the help of the CRM builder, you can store customer information and interactions in a single location, making it simpler to track customer interactions and enhance customer relationships.

Build custom CRMs and portals

Use the drag-and-drop form editor, design and organize your forms by creating custom domains, and add conditional logic and validation rules to ensure data accuracy and make your forms more interactive.

Once the forms are created, you can organize them into custom business apps such as event tracking, e-learning, or sales CRM.

The ability to create and organize custom forms in Formaloo makes it a great solution for businesses looking to simplify their data collection processes and build custom business apps without any coding skills.

Advanced reporting for more valuable insights

Formaloo’s advanced reporting feature is a powerful tool that enables businesses to gain insights from the data collected through their forms, portals, and business apps.

With Formaloo’s reporting dashboard, you can access pre-built reports or create custom reports tailored to your business needs.

The reporting feature provides real-time data analysis, allowing businesses to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. Formaloo’s reporting also includes data visualization, such as charts, graphs, and Kanban boards making it easier to filter and segment the data collected.

Kanban bords you find on Formaloo not Formstack

Formaloo offers much more features to help with team collaboration. You can share your forms and reports with your team members or present the results in real-time with the presentation mode.

You can set up certain email notifications once the form is submitted to personalize the way you communicate with your customers.

Create your own email templates and use them all in various ways. Even which email templates are sent to the submitters and which are forwarded to you and your team members are yours to choose.

Find out more about using Formaloo to deliver personalized emails.

The best Formstack alternative

Although features, usability, and customization possibilities favor Formaloo, Formstack may still be the better option for some users.

Businesses that require a platform primarily for form creation and process automation might consider Formstack. For companies that currently use those platforms, it provides a variety of form designs and integrations, including Salesforce.

Formaloo, on the other hand, is the best option for companies that require a complete platform for creating forms, web portals, CRMs, business applications, and mobile apps, along with extensive reporting capabilities to extract important insights from their data.

Formaloo is an all-in-one solution for building custom forms and apps, data management, and workflow automation.

Learn how to automate your marketing operations with Formaloo.

It also offers affordable pricing options with less limited features on the free plan. That makes it a great deal for all business types and sizes.

If you are considering switching your data from Formstack to Formaloo, you can do it in a few steps. All you have to do is to export your data on a Google sheet and then import it on Formaloo. This way, you can switch to Formaloo without losing your data or start from scratch.

Sign up for free and start using Formaloo for free, with no credit card required. Follow our tutorials on Youtube for more tips and tricks.

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Formstack or Formaloo? A comprehensive comparison