How to create online voting forms and apps

In the digital age, online voting forms and apps are important for getting feedback, making decisions, and engaging people. Businesses and organizations need easy-to-use voting platforms for customer feedback and elections. Adaptable platforms are important for gathering input effectively.


This guide explains how online voting works. It also covers who can benefit from online voting and its advantages. Additionally, it provides information on how to create voting forms and apps using Formaloo.

What is online voting

Online voting refers to the process of casting and tallying votes digitally through digital platforms. It lets people easily share their preferences, opinions, or choices without using paper ballots or going to polling places.

Online voting polls and presentations

Online voting systems vary from basic surveys to advanced decision-making tools, based on the organizers’ needs and goals.

Online voting: A tool for diverse users

Voting platforms cater to a diverse range of users across various industries and sectors.

It is is a fast and simple method for organizations to collect feedback from their customers, members, and voters. It makes the process of gathering and analyzing data more efficient.

This online voting solution helps streamline the process of collecting and analyzing information.

Ideal for:

  • Businesses: Gather customer feedback, conduct market research, and prioritize feature requests.
  • Nonprofits: Engage members, conduct board elections, and solicit donations or volunteer preferences.
  • Educational institutions: Facilitate student elections, gather feedback from faculty and staff, and streamline administrative processes.
  • Government agencies: Conduct elections, gather citizen feedback on policies or initiatives, and enhance civic participation.

Benefits of online voting forms

Online voting forms and apps offer many advantages:

1. Availability

People can vote online from anywhere, removing location barriers and boosting participation rates.

2. Convenience

Online voting makes voting easy. People can vote from anywhere, without going to a polling station. It’s convenient and hassle-free.

3. Real-time results

Counting votes quickly helps organizers make decisions and respond to trends in real-time.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Online voting reduces the logistical and administrative costs associated with traditional paper-based methods, such as printing, transportation, and manpower.

5. Enhanced engagement

Interactive features and user-friendly interfaces foster greater engagement and participation among users, leading to more meaningful outcomes.

How to create online voting forms and apps with Formaloo

Formaloo provides a comprehensive platform for effortlessly creating and managing online voting forms and applications.

Formaloo helps users make forms, gather data safely, and analyze results easily with its simple interface.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Sign up for a Formaloo account and log in to the dashboard

Navigate to the “+New Formaloo” section and create a new app. Add questions including fields for feature suggestions, voting options, and additional comments.

Create your custom voting form
  1. Design the form according to your preferences. Add your logo, change the colors, background and font.
Customize the design of your form
  1. Publish your live form directly into your website or share the link with the users.

Once you’re prepared to share your form, you have multiple options for sharing: embedding it as an iframe, script, widget, or chatbot onto your website.

No programming knowledge is necessary. Simply copy the code provided by Formaloo and paste it into your website. Your poll will be up and running instantly.

  1. You can view the data in various formats in the “Results” tab. These formats include kanban boards, tables, and charts. This allows you to track the progress and popularity of suggestions.
Real-time voting results

As soon as your audience begins responding, the data flows in real-time.

This enables you to promptly analyze responses, strategize campaigns based on this data, and seamlessly transfer the information to your CRM for effective follow-up with potential leads.

8. Send email notifications and custom emails.You can get a notification every time someone submits your form.

You have the option of utilizing “Email forwarding” to include additional email addresses.This way, you can forward the notification email to send a copy to your team members.

Exploring voting forms: Online polls and product roadmaps

You can create Interactive product roadmaps and dynamic polls with Formaloo.

One of Formaloo’s standout features is its ability to create interactive product roadmaps embedded directly into your website.

This enables users to vote for new features, suggest enhancements, and track the progress of their suggestions in real time.

Voting form in the product roadmap of Formaloo

Users can see their suggestions evolve with real-time progress tracking, using dynamic Kanban views and informative charts.

As suggestions accumulate, our team sorts them according to priority, ensuring that we swiftly implement the most impactful ideas.

Here is our product roadmap for a visual demonstration. See how it works!

Polls demonstrate the use of voting mechanisms in various contexts. Online polls are a quick and efficient way to collect opinions.

You can use them to gather feedback from the public on social media or from employees in a company. Then, use this feedback to make well-informed decisions.

With Formaloo, users can create and share polls, view responses instantly, and gather helpful data to progress projects.

Formaloo’s polling feature helps users make decisions confidently. You can use it for marketing strategies or team outing destinations. The feature engages users in the decision-making process.

Online voting made easy!

Online voting forms and voting apps help gather opinions, make decisions, and engage people in various topics. With Formaloo’s intuitive platform, create a free online voting form and manage processes.

By leveraging the potential of digital voting, institutions can uncover important knowledge, encourage teamwork, and stimulate creativity in their particular sectors.

Ready to streamline your decision-making process and engage users like never?

Sign up for Formaloo today and experience the ease and efficiency of creating online voting forms and apps. Empower your organization with actionable insights and drive meaningful change with Formaloo.

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How to create online voting forms and apps