How to perform audience tracking with Formaloo

Businesses use a variety of channels to interact with their clients in the digital age.

Face-to-face contact is an advantage for physical companies. However, online businesses face a unique challenge – understanding and tracking audiences across different platforms.

Formaloo provides a complete solution for organizations. This solution enables them to track user activity and acquire valuable data.

In this guide, we’ll go through how Formaloo allows businesses to track customer activity across several channels.

What is audience tracking?

User tracking or audience tracking, also known as web tracking or user behavior tracking, refers to collecting and monitoring user interactions and activities on a website or across various digital channels.

It involves gathering data about users’ behavior, preferences, and actions to gain insights into their interests, engagement patterns, and conversion paths.

Your best source of learning comes from user behavior.

User behaviors are the main factor that determines how well your product, website, or mobile app performs. Therefore, you can incorporate audience tracking into your marketing channels, sales, or development initiatives.

From where did your website visitors come? What do they select? What do they do there the majority of the time? What percentage of your users are there overall?

You can easily modify your marketing plan using these behavior analytics.

Why is audience tracking important for your online business?

Employing this approach will bring many benefits. The most significant one is gaining an understanding of your clients. This understanding is necessary for making informed decisions.

Here are some reasons for tracking users from multiple channels:

Gather valuable insights

Businesses get valuable insights into users’ behavior, tastes, and interests by tracking them. That will help them make better decisions for their product development, marketing tactics, and website design.

That will also improve the users’ experience by making changes that fit the users’ needs.

All your customer's data in one place

Boost conversion rates

Businesses can identify bottlenecks and sources of friction that may discourage customers from making sales by analyzing user activity data. With this information, website optimization and conversion rate improvement will be achievable.

It also gives insights into what channels are better for their target audience.

Increase conversion rates with survey widgets

Optimizing advertisement

Businesses may optimize their advertising campaigns by analyzing user activity data. That enables them to see which ads are driving more conversions, on which channels, and which campaigns need some tweaks.

You now understand how important it is to monitor user activity on a website. There is a strong chance that these technologies will help you and your business thrive.

Formaloo can help you collect user data. It can also keep track of them on different platforms.

Formaloo: The best form and app builder for your marketing campaigns

Due to its features, integrations, and customization possibilities, Formaloo stands out as the ideal form and app builder for marketing campaigns. 

With 200+ pre-built templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Formaloo enables you to create forms and apps that perfectly align with your branding and campaign objectives. 

You can customize and brand your forms to your specific needs. Add your business custom domain and embed your form to your website. 

Super fast and lightweight chatbot

What sets Formaloo apart is its seamless integration abilities. It allows you to gather data from multiple channels and platforms. 

Track and evaluate user interactions across different touchpoints all in one place. That gives you essential insights for enhancing your marketing strategies.

Formaloo provides the tools you need to create engaging forms and apps. These tools can be used to capture leads, conduct surveys, and collect customer feedback. All of this helps you reach success.

Learn more about how to automate your marketing processes with Formaloo.

How to track your users with Formaloo

You can use different ways to track your users through Formaloo. Whether identifying the origin of form submissions or understanding user engagement on the website, Formaloo provides the necessary tools.

Note: It is crucial to consider GDPR compliance when implementing user tracking methods to ensure the protection of personal data and respect for user privacy.

1- Using URL parameters

A query string or URL parameter is part of a URL that usually follows a question mark (?). It is used to pass data along with the URL.

You can add unique URL parameters to your form’s link for each channel it is shared on. Appending distinct URL parameters to the form’s link, you can easily track user behavior from various channels.

Learn more about how to use URL parameters in Formaloo.

URL parameters for audience tracking

2- Using the referred address field

Formaloo has a “referred address” field in the form’s responses that show where did the user submit the form. 

Embed your form on different web pages or share it on social media. This field will show you the data collected from these sources.

To check the referred address:

  • On your dashboard, click on your formaloo to open the response table. 
  • You can find the referred address field at the end of your response columns. 
Use the referred address in your form's responses for audience tracking

3- Integrate Google Analytics

The first thing that comes to mind when considering website monitoring is Google Analytics

This popular tracking tool can help you to analyze the search traffic that arrives at your website. You can use it to separate the traffic according to its origin.

You can find out about page visits, bounce rates, and average visit duration with Google Analytics.

Easily add your Google Analytics tracking codes to any of your formaloos to track visitor behavior and demographics.

Learn more about how to integrate Google Analytics with Formaloo.

4- Integrate Heatmap tools

Heatmaps can help you identify the most used parts of your form or web page. These areas get the most user tapping. 

Hotjar is one of the popular heatmap tools. You can easily integrate it into your formaloos. 

Copy the code your tool provides. Paste it into the “Custom JS” box on your form. All you have to do is follow these two steps.

To find the “Custom JS” box, edit your form and click on the “Settings” tab. At the bottom of the settings options, you’ll find it.

5- Use chatbots with partial submits

Tracking and understanding user activity can also be assisted by chatbots with a partial submission option. Each contact between users and the chatbot, which includes their partial responses, is tracked and recorded.

These logs may contain user inputs, timestamps, and the point where the conversation was abandoned. This data lets you learn more about user trends, preferences, and pain issues. Users can identify potential issues in the conversation.

This is done when they frequently leave the conversation after a specific question or stage. These issues need to be addressed.

You can also spot trends and monitor user engagement levels by keeping track of incomplete contributions.

Learn more about how to create a custom chatbot with Formaloo.

Tips and tricks to improve your audience tracking strategies

  • Define your tracking goals.
  • Prioritize user privacy and comply with data protection regulations.
  • Implement event tracking to capture specific user actions.
  • Conduct A/B testing to compare different website versions or elements.
  • Regularly review and analyze data for insights and optimization.

Track your users and convert missed opportunities into success

User data is crucial. No matter how we promote our websites, we all need it.

Realizing that you have missed out on sales or profits is one of the worst feelings. This can happen when forms are not optimized or customers are not guided through the buying process.

Create your own strategies for tracking website performance. Put the user first by using the tools in this article.

You can maximize the return on your search and marketing investments by tracking user activity.

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