Boost business growth for Enterprises with Formaloo

Achieving the best product and user experience demands a careful balance between innovation and compliance. When searching for user-friendly solutions, ensure that your tools comply with the data regulations and business requirements.


Achieving the best product and user experience demands a careful balance between innovation and compliance. When searching for user-friendly solutions, ensure that your tools comply with the data regulations and business requirements.

Formaloo Enterprise provides custom solutions that meet your specific needs. Make sure your data is secure. Allow authorized personnel to easily access the information they need.

This can be achieved through strong security measures and an efficient access management system. With Formaloo, you can rest assured that you are always compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Advanced security and compliance for Enterprises

Formaloo is a useful tool for collecting and managing data, like customer information and business insights. However, it is crucial to prioritize the security and compliance of this data.

That is why we go to great lengths to provide enterprise-level security measures. We know that each business is different, so we provide personalized features to meet their specific needs.

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Access control and management

Formaloo provides an easy way to control access to your forms and apps. You can decide who can view, edit, or manage your data, ensuring it is kept secure and only shared with authorized people.

Formaloo’s tools help you protect sensitive information and control who can access it. You can also easily collaborate with specific teams and manage permissions for effective teamwork.

You can add or remove team members and customize access with simple clicks. This quick control minimizes disruptions during absences or when someone exits the organization.

Secure access with SAML and SSO

Data security is crucial to avoid any breaches. One of the critical aspects of ensuring the safety of your data is promoting strong password practices. Strong passwords are harder to crack when they have a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Formaloo Enterprise takes data security a step further by offering SAML and SSO. SAML helps verify user identities, ensuring only authorized personnel can access the data. SSO makes it easier for users to log in to multiple services without compromising security.

This extra security makes people feel calm when they give you their important information because they know it’s safe.

Self-hosted custom solution for Enterprises

Formaloo makes it simple to create forms and apps that fit your business needs. With the ability to add your logos and colors, you can customize your forms and apps to match your brand.

Use a custom domain to match your organization and send personalized emails for a better user experience.

Formaloo offers an on-premise solution to meet the unique demands of your organization. Its highly secure and self-hosted platform ensures enterprise-grade security while giving you extensive control over access management.

Formaloo has a full version for your servers that you can customize with your own databases.

You can manage large amounts of data and use advanced tools for reporting and analysis in this strong system. Formaloo enables you to synchronize your data and workflows with SQL databases and Big Tables. These databases and tables have the capability to handle up to 10 million rows per project.

Formaloo’s solution guarantees secure and accessible data management tools, showcasing their dedication to customizing high-performance solutions for your organization’s data.

HIPAA-compliant tools

Formaloo’s features for Enterprises provide healthcare workers with HIPAA-compliant tools customized to their unique needs. These tools simplify various medical processes, such as appointment scheduling and billing, ensuring efficient organization while maintaining patient data confidentiality and security.

Healthcare professionals can use Formaloo’s HIPAA-compliant solutions to focus on quality care while meeting HIPAA standards. This results in a more safe and secure healthcare experience for both practitioners and patients.

Learn more about how to become HIPAA-compliant with Formaloo.

Dedicated customer success manager

With Formaloo Enterprise, you get a personal customer success manager who understands your organization’s needs, goals, and challenges. Your success manager will help you maximize your Formaloo experience by offering guidance, support, and customized solutions.

This includes assisting with onboarding, training, and ongoing support. Additionally, they can address any questions, concerns, or specific requirements you may have. Having a dedicated point of contact ensures that your organization receives a high level of attention and personalized assistance.

Secure your business with Formaloo for Enterprises

Tailoring your digital resources can help you create a user experience that reflects your organization’s identity and values. The security features of Formaloo for Enterprises ensure that your data remains protected and compliant.

Additionally, you will have a dedicated customer success manager who will guide you every step of the way.

Formaloo Enterprise is more than just a platform. It’s a trigger for growth, innovation, and peace of mind. It empowers your organization to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence, security, and a customized approach.

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Boost business growth for Enterprises with Formaloo