Top 5 Jotform Alternatives in 2023

Online forms have become very common with the introduction of the internet into our lives. Every business needs forms and surveys, whether for simple customer data gathering or more important matters like obtaining consent.


Online forms have become very common with the introduction of the internet into our lives. Every business needs forms and surveys, whether for simple customer data gathering or more important matters like obtaining consent.

With the rise of form builders, it is now a challenge for businesses to choose which tool to work with.

Jotform is one of them. It served millions of customers since 2006.

Afterward, many competitors emerged and improved their tools thanks to the competitive environment. Businesses should then choose the right tool for them based on their needs.

In this blog, we will list the top 5 Jotform Alternatives that you can choose from based on their features, capacities, and pricing.

What is Jotform

Jotform dashboard

Jotform is a great option that allows you to create and customize forms for various purposes. You can either design your forms from scratch or choose from pre-made templates.

Just like other form builders, you can easily add elements to your forms, such as fields, images, and videos. However, these options are located in a different menu within the “Themes” sidebar and open on a separate page. That can create a confusing experience and make Jotform a less user-friendly solution.

You can also integrate Jotform with other tools you use, such as payment gateways, email marketing programs, and CRMs. Once you publish your forms via email or social media, you can gather replies and data all in one place.

While Jotform offers affordable pricing, many advanced features are only available on higher-tier plans, which may not be convenient for everyone.

Additionally, while Jotform provides a wide range of customization options, you may find the interface somewhat cluttered and challenging to navigate. That limits your ability to create fully custom forms.

The Best Jotform Alternatives in 2023

Jotform offers different tiers for users, including a free Beginner option with very limited form creation. Prices range from $39 to $129 per month.

For those who find it too limited and expensive, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Jotform alternative form creation tools.

1- Formaloo

Formaloo dashboard

Formaloo is more than just a form builder. It’s a customer engagement platform offering advanced features, such as analytics tools to allow businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their audience.

Formaloo provides a user-friendly tool for building custom forms and apps. It has many customization features, such as multiple custom domains and email notifications.

With Formaloo, you can customize your forms to fit your needs by selecting from various question types. You can make your forms more engaging by including advanced calculators and logic, creating your conditions, and showing or hiding questions based on previous responses from visitors.

The tiers of Formaloo start at $18 per month for two team members. The free version includes most of the features and has no limitations on the number of forms or apps created.

Formaloo is a complete platform that empowers businesses to build customized applications for Kanban boards, task handling, and employee management. It also offers portals that enable members to access specialized resources and chatbots for website feedback.

You can create order forms and integrate them with your favorite payment gateways. Formaloo helps you build beautiful forms and smarter surveys and quizzes.

With Formaloo, businesses can facilitate their operations, leading to more effective and efficient management.

2- Paperform

Paperform dashboard

Paperform is a form-building tool founded in 2016. It offers customizable forms, targeting websites seeking tailored solutions, and resembles Jotform in its feature-rich approach.

Paperform has a minimalist interface inspired by Notion. It integrates seamlessly with Notion but may be challenging for users used to drag-and-drop form creation.

Unlike some competitors, Paperform doesn’t provide a free plan but offers a two-week free trial. The pricing structure includes tiers at $20 and $40 per month (when paid annually) for a single user, while the highest tier starts at $135 per month, for up to five users.

Additional users on the top tier incur an extra $5 per month. The pricing model positions Paperform as a versatile yet more premium solution for those seeking advanced form-building capabilities.

3- Google Forms

Google forms

Originally designed as an add-on for Google Sheets, the spreadsheet tool, Google Forms evolved into a standalone application in 2016. One of its primary strengths lies in its accessibility, as it easily integrates into the Google ecosystem, and most users already have a Google account.

The user-friendly interface contributes to its popularity, providing a lightweight and straightforward solution for form creation.

Although Google Forms is straightforward to use, it does have some limitations. It is great for basic forms but lacks more advanced features. For example, it doesn’t have a payment collection, detailed styling choices, or signature fields, which makes it less suitable for complex form needs.

Another characteristic worth noting is that Google Forms has a direct integration only with Google Sheets.

A standout advantage of Google Forms is its cost — it’s free to use. Despite its limitations in advanced features, the fact that it comes at no cost makes it an attractive option for users seeking a straightforward and budget-friendly solution for basic form needs.

4- Typeform

Jotform alternative: Typeform

Typeform focuses on creating visually appealing and user-friendly forms that convey a friendly and personal touch. The platform achieves this by adopting slideshow-style forms and presenting one question at a time.

Typeform also supports keyboard shortcuts, which enhances the efficiency and speed of form completion. However, adding components to a form requires manual scrolling through a list, which is not as convenient as other platforms that offer a limited selection based on typing.

Typeform stands out for its impressive array of integration options, and for users with specific needs beyond the available integrations, it offers a Webhooks API that provides customization without relying on third-party services.

However, Typeform’s pricing structure might be a potential drawback for some users, with even the entry-level tier starting at $25 per month when paid annually.

While there is a free plan, the specific limitations of this plan are not clearly mentioned on the pricing page.

5- Wufoo

Jotform alternative: Wufoo

Wufoo, acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011, is a general-purpose form tool complementing SurveyMonkey’s survey-focused approach. Launched in 2006, Wufoo’s interface, while functional, reflects its age and lacks the polish of more modern designs.

With four payment plans primarily based on usage, Wufoo doesn’t reserve premium features for higher tiers, offering transparency in its pricing structure.

Plans range from $14.08 to $183.25, with the basic tier omitting some features. Wufoo discerns itself by charging based on form fills, data storage, and API calls rather than feature access.

Choose the right form builder for your business

It can be quite challenging to select the right online form builder from the vast array of options available.

This article on JotForm alternatives has explored the factors that should be considered, such as pricing, features, and user-friendliness. Among the alternatives, Formaloo stands out as an excellent choice for collecting and managing customer data.

Formaloo offers advanced features at an affordable price and has an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with various applications. Its dedicated focus on customer engagement makes it a popular choice for individuals and businesses.

Formaloo’s combination of features, functionality, and reasonable pricing sets it apart as a top-tier alternative to JotForm.

Sign up with Formaloo today to experience the power of efficient and cost-effective form building.

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Top 5 Jotform Alternatives in 2023