What’s new in Formaloo – October 2023

As the autumn leaves begin to fall and the days grow shorter, we are happy to introduce you to the latest updates in our ever-evolving platform. 

Just like the changing seasons, Formaloo is continuously adapting and improving to provide you with the very best tools and features. 

So, please join us in exploring the exciting updates we have in store for you this October. 🍂✨

Before we proceed, take a moment to watch the following video for a quick rundown of the updates.

User field: Your data, Your way

We’ve got a brand-new friend in our list of fields for the portal – the “User” field. It’s like having your own personal data assistant.

This feature automatically tracks and saves the identity of the person who submits a particular row. What’s the icing on the cake? You can filter your users’ view to show only their own submissions when they log in.

For example, you can now build a ticketing system using Formaloo, that your users must login to submit a new ticket and also they can follow on the status of their previous tickets!

Formaloo Assign Feature

Introducing Formaloo Assign Feature. Now you can assign each row of your database to one of your team members, clients or even your customers.

With Assign feature, you have the ability to assign one or multiple people to each of your rows. It’s perfect to assign tasks, tickets, projects and build any kind of tracking system that you wish. 

Portal builder 2.0

We’re happy to introduce Portals 2.0, a major update in Formaloo’s portal builder. With Portals 2.0, you can build much more advanced customer portals, HR portals, membership websites, and even online communities.

Portals 2.0 comes with a lot of new features, including new access management options, My Data support, advanced user segmentation, and automatic user activity tracking.

Portal builder 2.0

Chart customization options

Data visualization just got a facelift. We’ve given our chart customization options a makeover. Now, you have the power to choose the number of columns in your chart, pick your favorite colors, and decide which data points to show.

Chart customization options

Gallery view upgrades

Customize your gallery view like never before. Now, you can set up multiple columns, and the best part is – your settings are saved! No more redoing the setup every time. Arrange and display your data exactly as you like.

Gallery view upgrades

Lightning-fast search and secure folder access

Finding your data and accessing folders is now incredibly easy. Our upgraded search capabilities make navigation faster and more efficient. You can now locate your formaloos with ease!

New pages: More playgrounds to explore

We’re expanding the dashboard 3.0 with new pages. Just head to the “Profile” menu, and you’ll discover the new options – “Workspace Settings,” “Billing,” “New Upgrade Pages,” and more. These additions ensure you can reach essential settings with a single click.

New pages in Formaloo dashboard 3.0

And that’s a wrap for the October edition of “What’s New in Formaloo!” Your continued support and engagement are the driving force behind our innovation, and we’re truly grateful 💜.

As we gear up for November, expect more exciting features and updates that will elevate your Formaloo experience to new heights.

In the meantime, make the most of all the amazing benefits Formaloo has to offer and enjoy your journey through our platform. Your data management adventure is about to get even more exciting! 🚀🍁

Happy Formaloo-ing! 🥂

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