randomize fields and field options in a form

How to randomize the fields and field options in a form

You can randomize both the fields and field options in a form. Randomizing the order of fields and/or field options is a great way to reduce bias introduced by the order of your choices.

Order bias is the tendency for participants to respond inaccurately to questions due to the order of the answers. There are a variety of factors that influence order bias, but the easiest way to eliminate any potential bias is to randomize the answer options. For example, in an online live poll, it’s a good practice to enable random option fields to avoid choice bias.

Randomize the fields

To shuffle and randomize the order of the fields in your form, edit it from your Formaloo dashboard, and go to the “Design” tab. Then enable the “Shuffle fields order” option.

Randomize the field options in all fields

You can shuffle the options of all fields at once. To do so, edit your form and from the “Design” tab, enable the “Shuffle the order of choices on fields” option.

shuffle options of all fields

Randomize options in specific fields

You can shuffle the options of a field by clicking on it and enabling the “Shuffle options order” option from the field’s properties.

shuffle options of a specific field
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